Light Managment Films

our films for lighting applications

What are light management films?

LEDs are transforming the world of lighting and offer new and innovative design possibilities. But LED sources also cause challenges when it comes to glare, hotspots, and light uniformity.  

Technical films for illuminated applications are special film solutions for the lighting industry as well as for automotive, consumer electronics, and construction applications. With these films, you can achieve an improved light diffusion and light transmission, while at the same time saving energy. They can be used to create different lighting effects depending on the type, power and position of the light source. Technical films can be formed into a variety of shapes to satisfy your application and design needs. These films form easier, deeper, and more consistently than other materials.

What types of technical lighting film are there?

As a specialist for technical films, the König Film Centre offers you numerous products for lighting applications. These are polycarbonate films of the Makrofol ® brand from the manufacturer Covestro and Lexan ® from the manufacturer Sabic. In addition, there are PMMA films from the manufacturer Röhm. The films are available in rolls or rectangular sheets.

We distinguish between the following three product areas:

  • Light diffusion films also called diffusion films or diffusor films.
  • Light-directing films also called lenticular films.
  • Reflective films.

We offer a film sample service so that you can convince yourself of the quality and properties of our light mangement films. We will be happy to advise you.

Light diffuser films

The translucent diffusion films impress with their homogeneous diffusion of light. This makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of applications and processes in lighting technology and the lighting industry.

Translucent diffuser films are milky white coloured films with special additives developed for this application. When used in backlit components, our diffuser films provide uniform and homogeneous illumination over a wide area. The light sources behind them are no longer visible. The high-performance films provide a range of diffusion levels, high impact resistance and excellent temperature resistance for optimised LED lighting.

The light diffusor films differ from each other in terms of transmittance (light transmission) and half-value angle. Depending on the application and surface, a different type of film with different light values is recommended.

Film for the direction and diffusion of light

This is a lenticular film used to direct and diffuse light. The optical line structure incorporated into the polycarbonate film (PC) enables light to be directed and scattered particularly evenly. This allows different lighting effects to be created depending on the light source and illuminant. We offer lenticular films of the Makrofol brand from the manufacturer Covestro.

Reflector films

The opaque polycarbonate film with a high-gloss surface offers a high light reflection. White reflective films reflect the available light almost completely back to the observer and thus significantly increase the efficiency and luminosity of lamps. Typical applications of light-reflecting polycarbonate film come from lighting technology and the lamp industry.

Properties of light management films

Light management films are made of various materials. Among the most common are polycarbonate (PC) and PMMA. This also results in variables in product properties and areas of application. Film products made of PMMA are more suitable than polycarbonate films for outdoor applications thanks to their high UV resistance. Other luminescent films have a very high impact strength or increased temperature resistance. For more information on the individual products, please contact us.

We offer films for lighting applications cut to size or as rolls directly from our film warehouse in Wuppertal. Please contact us for special sheet sizes. Our team will be happy to advise you. In addition, we offer a sample service so that you can convince yourself of the film properties (surface, light transmission, light transmittance). You can use prototypes or test set-ups to check the suitability of the films for your application in advance. This will ensure that the selected light technology film is the right one for your application. We look forward to your enquiry.

Properties and benefits of our light management films:

  • High heat resistance: Tough and durable over a wide temperature range.
  • Good optical and thermal properties: Great for lighting products of all kinds.
  • Highly versatile: Multiple optical functions can fit the need of many applications.

Where are light management films used?

Typical applications of our light management films are in the advertising as well as the lighting industry. In addition, light management films made of polycarbonate or PMMA are also used in the following areas:

  • Interior parts for automobiles.
  • Diffusion of LED light (light diffusion, light control).
  • Backlit displays and switches.
  • Residential and commercial lighting.
  • Lamps, luminaires and lampshades.
  • Illuminated advertising and signage.
  • Various industrial projects.

Are lighting films UV resistant?

All film solutions for lighting applications have a certain UV resistance and hardly yellow. Our PMMA films have a particularly high UV stability. For applications where the film products are exposed to long-term UV, we recommend the use of PMMA film or special polycarbonate films with UV stabilisers.

Can light management films be further processed?

All films for lighting technology can be further processed with suitable accessories. Processing depends on the material. Films for lighting applications can all be printed without any problems. Please contact us for further information on printability!

Our service

We offer our products for light management films with different surfaces in thicknesses from 150 µm to 500 µm as rolls. Depending on the thickness, the roll length and colour of the light foils differ. We are happy to cut the rolls into rectangular sheets in the format you require. Just tell us the format you need and we will send you an offer with an attractive price. Special shapes are also possible on request. You can buy films for lighting technology from us!

We deliver all stocked lighting films within a few working days. For delivery, the product is professionally and safely packed. If you have any further questions about our range, our suppliers such as Lexan and Makrofol, our cutting service, delivery and any other concerns, we will be happy to advise you. We will be happy to send you technical data sheets or samples of our lighting technology films for the construction of initial prototypes.