Reflex™ LT films - scratch resistant polyester films

Biaxially-oriented pet film for membrane switches and membrane keyboards

Reflex films from transcontinental advanced coatings

Reflex™ brand polyester films from the manufacturer transcontinental advanced coatings are made of biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They are specifically designed to meet the requirements and ranges of technical screen printers for the production of membrane switches and membrane keypads. Reflex LT films have good resistance to high temperatures, excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability and high transparency.

The König Film Centre offers you Reflex LT films in various thicknesses in rolls and cut to size as sheets. We are happy to support you with technical data sheets (from Reflex) and samples for the production of initial prototypes or for first tests. As a film specialist with many years of experience, we will be happy to advise and assist you with your projects. Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Properties of Reflex polyester film

Reflex film is based on a heat-stabilised and UL-listed polyester for optical applications. The PET film has a typical residual shrinkage of less than 0.3 %. PET films impress with their properties such as very low permeability to water vapour, oxygen and aromatic substances. They do not contain any plasticisers and are therefore physiologically harmless. Furthermore, they are odourless and tasteless and resistant to many organic chemicals, solvents, fats and oils. Therefore, Reflex films are suitable for use in various applications.

A crystal-clear coating gives the polyester film optimum properties in terms of hardness, transparency, punchability, embossability and chemical resistance. Reflex LT film is manufactured in class 1000 clean rooms. Reflex™ LT allows large styli and is easy to die-cut. Reflex™ Polyester products are for indoor use only.

Scratch resistance of Reflex polyester films.

A special hard-coat gives Reflex LT films the great advantage of a particularly strong scratch resistance. This makes Reflex LT the ideal solution for all surfaces, operating elements and keyboards that need to last a particularly long time. This film also contributes to sustainability, as film parts made with it need to be replaced less often. This is why polyester film is also known as keyboard film.

Chemical resistance of polyester reflective films

A particular strength of Reflex® films is their high chemical resistance. This makes them particularly interesting for all applications where film surfaces come into contact with chemicals.

Durability of Reflex PET films

Reflex® PET films have a long shelf life and are resistant to ageing. When stored in dry and heated rooms, this film can be stored for many years without losing its quality.

Advantages of Reflex films at a glance

Here is an overview of the most important product properties:

  • Excellent pressure-sensitive coatings.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • UL listed base film.
  • Embossable.
  • Resistant to ageing.
  • Printable with UV and solvent inks.
  • Particularly low yellow tint.

Processing of Reflex LT coated films

PET films (polyester films) can be processed in various ways:

  • Printing.
  • Cutting.
  • Die-cutting.
  • Embossing.
  • Heat sealing.
  • Forming (possible to a limited extent).
  • Can be made self-adhesive.

No special accessories are required for processing coated polyester films (PET films).

Applications of Reflex film

Reflex™ is a high quality overlay film that meets the exacting requirements of screen printers, membrane, touch-switch and fascia manufacturers. Typical applications include: 

  • Membrane switches / keypads.
  • Displays.
  • Technical screen printing with solvent inks.
  • Stickers/self-adhesive labels.
  • Industrial mould & die-cut parts.
  • Flexible conductors.
  • Print preparation.



  • hard coating
  • particularly low yellow tinge
  • chemical resistance
  • printability (on the front) with UV-resistant lacquers
  • printability (on the rear) with standard and UV colours
  • embossing capability


Polyester films can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manfacturer Coveris we recommend the following ways of processing Reflex™ LT films:

  • printing
  • cutting
  • punching
  • embossing
  • heatsealing
  • thermoforming (limited possibilities)
  • bonding

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  • membrane keyboards and touch switches
  • displays
  • flexible conductor paths
  • industrial mould and stamp parts
  • stickers/self-adhesive labels
  • tech. screen printing using solvent-based colours
  • print preparation

Product overview


125 µm and 175 µm 

Roll widths
» 1.220 mm


one side matt, one side glossy