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Growing herbs and vegetables in greenhouses offers numerous advantages. Greenhouses provide protection for plants and crops from weather and pests. Other advantages include safe yields all year round and the possibility of growing exotic plant varieties, herbs and vegetables, as well as an early harvest in early summer. Greenhouses also offer the ability to sow seeds and crops of different crops and species, and make plants resistant to all weather conditions.

We now offer a new film product that can be used in greenhouses to achieve a 20 % faster growth of plants, vegetables and flowers. Optimise the profitability of your greenhouse by using the LLEAF film and sunshine to achieve a faster growth.


Accelerating plant growth with the LLEAF greenhouse film

The Australian company LLEAF develops and produces dyes that change the colour spectrum when exposed to the sunlight. The dye molecules absorb light photons from the green part of the spectrum and emit light photons of the red part of the spectrum at a wavelength of 620 nm. Our film of the LLEAF brand changes the colour spectrum so that more red light is emitted. Red light favours photosynthesis and leads to a faster plant growth, while ensuring a strong light transmission. This makes the agriculture product ideal for accelerating the development of vegetables crops, herbs and flowers.

The effect of the film has been proven for growing various plants such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, peppers, aubergines, Asian vegetables, strawberries and cannabis. But also herbs and flowers and other crops are growing faster in greenhouses with the use of the LLEAF brand film. Studies by universities and research laboratories confirm the significant effect of this product on plant growth.


Properties and features of the greenhouse film for agricultural uses

The decisive factor of the used greenhouse film is the patented dye that leads to a change in the colour spectrum. These colourants were specially developed for this application and tested for a long time. The manufacturer has carried out many years of research with laboratories and universities in different greenhouses.

However, the dyes need a carrier material in order to be used in greenhouses. For this purpose, they are added to a high quality plastic film that has the following features and quality:

  • Thickness: 250 µm
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Colour: red
  • Durability: 10 years, unaffected by UV radiation
  • Excellent transmission of sunlight
  • Properties: resistance against high temperature, UV radiation, weather and more


Advantages of the greenhouse film

Greenhouse operators and growers have numerous advantages when using the material:

✔ Significantly increased profitability due to a faster and stronger plant growth

✔ Greater efficiency in greenhouse utilisation thanks to higher crop yields

✔ Suitable for many types of plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers

✔ Ideal addition to existing greenhouses and professional film greenhouses

✔ Excellent light transmission, while providing a diffusion

On average, a 20% faster growth of all types of green plants and herbs can be observed when using the plastic film. This growth effect of this product is valid for various crops such as:

  • lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • aubergines
  • strawberries and other berries
  • asian vegetables
  • cannabis
  • herbs
  • various flowers

These and all other green plants grow faster with the additional red light emitted by the LLEAF greenhouse film product. This increases the profitability of greenhouse cultivation accordingly – just using the sunlight. With these film, you can accelerate the crop growth of various flowers, herbs and vegetables!

The greenhouse film in a thickness of 250 µm has a good light transmission, but also achieves optimum scattering and diffusion of light. This means that the light is better distributed in the greenhouse so that as many plants as possible are directly exposed to the light. The high quality plastic film is resistant to UV radiation and all weather. It provides protection for the plants against sunlight and protection against burning the leafs. The result is optimised sunlight and lighting for your plants. Greenhouse films from LLEAF impress with their positive properties and are specially adapted to the requirements of agriculture.

The use of this film product for a stronger plant growth means costs for materials and installation. However, these one-off costs are offset by a permanent increase in profitability through faster harvests after just a few years.


Installing the LLEAF greenhouse film

The plastic film is always applied inside the greenhouse. There are different methods of mounting or installation of the film in greenhouses. The robust and durable greenhouse film can be easily retrofitted by screwing, clamping or hanging it on existing greenhouse structures. The film can also be attached directly to the inner glass side of the greenhouse using adhesive tape.

Another option is to hang the greenhouse film in 250 µm thickness in long strips over the planting area in the sunshine. Always make sure that the film does not hang too close to the seeds to ensure air circulation. Once installed, the film does not require any special care. The plastic film is therefore suitable for both new and existing greenhouses and almost all types of plants. Our application videos provide features about the installation of this plastic film for agriculture.


Service and delivery times

You can buy our greenhouse film in 250 µm thickness in our online shop. As a specialist in plastic film solutions for agriculture, we offer this innovative film of the LLEAF brand in 1.000 mm wide rolls and by the metre in various roll lengths and dimensions. We also offer a fast delivery of this greenhouse film in rectangular sheets in the desired format. Benefit from a short delivery time within a few working days, regardless of whether you require whole rolls, running metres or a customized sheet format. Send your enquiry or order to Folienzentrum@koenig-kunststoffe.de or call us under +49 202 3177119-30. Please contact us for different thickness, roll sizes and delivery times of the greenhouse film.

In addition to the LLEAF greenhouse film for growing plants in sunlight and agriculture, you will find many other types of high quality films and plastic sheeting for a wide range of applications in our online shop. Our range contains films in different thickness, surface, material and features. Some films have a protection film. We offer various brands and a delivery of our plastic film products directly from our warehouse within a few days.

Test our LLEAF greenhouse film for a higher profitability of your greenhouse!