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Films for medical technology

There are various advantages of plastics used for medical applications. Plastic does not absorb odours and is resistant to water and other liquids. In addition, it can be deformed in many ways and thus adapted to the respective conditions. In medical applications, plastics made of different materials are therefore used in almost all areas. 

In the field of medical and hygiene technology, particularly strict regulations apply and thus the highest demands are placed on plastic films. This must be taken into account when choosing the right medical film.

Which plastic films are suitable for medical technology?

It is not possible to make a general statement regarding the suitability of films for medical technologies. There are various uses that fall within the scope of medical technology and that differ significantly in terms of the requirements for the material to be used.

For many applications in the medical sector, there is a requirement for FDA approval for the plastic film used.

Medical films with FDA approval

The approval of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become the worldwide standard for medical applications. Of course, there are also country-specific conditions and standards that differ from this.

Our range includes a film with FDA approval. Lexan™ 8040 from the manufacturer Sabic IP is a polycarbonate film with FDA approval for usage in packaging for the medical sector. In addition, the product is suitable for contact with food. The film with polished surface is characterised by its excellent optical transparency and mechanical strength. Further advantages are its consistent printability and easy processability. A thin protection film on both sides offers protection against scratches during processing. Lexan 8040 can be supplied as roll or in rectangular sheets in the desired format.

Polycarbonate films

Polycarbonate films are often used for medical applications. In addition to their enormous resilience, they have the great advantage of temperature stability and can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 105 degrees Celsius. For short periods, PC films can even withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius, but become thermo-elastic at around 190 degrees Celsius. Thanks to these properties, polycarbonate films are particularly suitable for the thermoforming process.

We offer transparent, white and black (opaque) PC films in various surface finishes (polished, matt, fine matt, velvet matt) widths and thicknesses. Our range extends from transparent to opaque films. This means that PC films cover an enormously wide range of applications and are regularly used in areas where reliable temperature resistance is important. We are the only European distributor to offer almost the entire range of the two leading brands Lexan and Makrofol. 

PMMA films

PMMA foils are captivating due to their transparency and convincing due to their high UV stability. We distribute PMMA films of the brand Plexiglas, which are known worldwide and are market leaders. Thanks to an impact modifier, Plexiglas films are very flexible and can be ideally deformed under heat. PMMA films are therefore often used for thermoforming applications. 

Another property of PMMA is that it builds up an ideal adhesion to other materials such as ABS. Therefore, Plexiglas films are ideal for back injection moulding of front panels.

PET film

Biaxially oriented polyester film (PET) is characterised by its enormous resistance to high temperatures. It also has good tensile strength (extremely tensile and tear resistant), excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability and high transparency. Polyester films are a good electrical insulator, show low moisture absorption (0.3%) and high dielectric strength up to 180 kV/mm.

What are typical applications for medical technology films?

There are various possible applications for technical films in medical technology and healthcare that cannot be described or mentioned in full details here. A growing area of application for our products is microfluidics.

Technical films for microfluidics

Microfluidics deals with the behaviour and control of liquids in the smallest space in fine capillaries in the micrometre range. Areas of application include medicine, pharmacology, biology and many technical fields. It thus accelerates progress in the medical field and is an important field of research.

In microfluidic technology, tiny samples are made in the smallest of spaces. Therefore, this technology makes many things possible that were previously unthinkable and is an important influencing factor for medical technology. For example, it can be used to produce mobile mini-labs that fit on the surface of a credit card. The pandemic has also shown how indispensable the technology is. After all, miniature labs help to cope with the countless PCR, antigen and antibody tests. 

The market demand for components for decentralised diagnostics is growing. For example, mini-labs enable so-called point-of-care diagnostics, immediate diagnostics close to the patient. The patients do not necessarily have to be brought to the clinic and the samples do not have to be transported to the laboratory, which is time-consuming. There is also no need for manual preparation. Instead, mobile devices analyse the material and the results are available after only 30 to 60 minutes. All steps of the analysis can be combined in one device and run efficiently in a very small space.

Microfluidics is constantly improving thanks to new materials and methods. An important role is played by our technical films, which are well suited for use in microfluidic technology for several reasons. They are resistant to acids and bases, as well as to numerous solvents such as acetone and ethanol. This makes them sterilisable. In addition, the films can withstand high temperatures.

Further applications for films in medical technology

Our technical high-performance films can be used for various applications in medical technology and healthcare. Examples are:

  • Medical packaging
  • Protection against various influencing factors
  • Various medical products
  • Insulating films
  • Applications for which FDA* approval is required. 

Furthermore, our film solutions can be equipped with self-adhesives and are therefore suitable for many other areas of application. We would be happy to recommend a company that can provide you with self-adhesive products. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

*FDA stands for the American Food and Drug Administration.

How can medical film be processed?

Technical films can be processed in different ways depending on the design and material. The needed accessories or tools that are required depend also on the material and way of processing. Our films can be cut, punched, lasered (PMMA and polyester films) and glued. Polycarbonate and PMMA films are ideal for thermoforming or thermoforming. This is particularly important and relevant for medical applications. 

Most films can be reliably printed with various printing processes such as screen printing and have a high durability. Mounting and installation on different smooth surfaces are usually possible without any problems. We are always available for further information or specific processing enquiries. 

Service, stock and delivery:

As a supplier of technical films, we provide you with high quality products and solutions for medical applications in the format you require. We offer rolls in various designs, surfaces, widths and lengths. We can also produce rectangular sheets / formats for you from small quantities. Ask us for the format you need and we will make you a suitable offer that fits to your demands. You can buy medical films from us. As an experienced wholesaler, we are focused on fast deliveries.

For additional information on our medical films and their processing, we offer you data sheets from our manufacturers. We are also happy to answer any further questions you may have on the subject of packaging, delivery and storage.

Please contact us if you would like advice on a medical or healthcare application or a specific quotation for our products. The team of the König Film Centre has a lot of experience with technical films and is eagerly awaiting your enquiry!

In addition to medical films, you will find many other high-performance films for a wide range of applications in our product range.