Lenticular films

our films for light direction and control

Lenticular Films

Lenticular films are polycarbonate films specially developed for directing light. The targeted direction of light plays a decisive role, especially in the lighting industry. Especially for the development of lamps or indirect lighting, light-directing films offer a whole range of advantages. As a supplier of technical films, you can order lenticular film blanks directly from us in the size you require. Whether it is a small run or a large quantity, we look forward to your enquiry.

What are lenticular films / light-directing films?

There are different types of lenticular sheets. In our assortment you will find lenticular films for guiding or diffusing light. This is the extrusion film Makrofol LM 297 H-M 040007. This lenticular film is based on the plastic polycarbonate of the brand Makrolon and is offered in a film thickness of 180 µm. The surface of this translucent film has a linear structure, while the reverse side is finely matt. In addition to directing light in a targeted manner, the linen structure ensures uniform diffusion. Makrofol LM film is therefore an innovative product for a wide range of applications. It can be used to create high-quality 3D lighting effects using the lenticular technique.

However, our light-directing film is not suitable for wobbling images, 3D images or other effects, nor for lenticular printing.

Special films for light management

As an expert in the field of technical films, the König Film Centre has a wide range of solutions for light management applications. In recent years, we have built up an extensive range of special films for this sector. Our films for lighting technology include lenticular films, light diffuser films and reflector films. In our range you will find the polycarbonate film Makrofol LM 297, which is manufactured by Covestro.

Covestro is an internationally renowned manufacturer of polycarbonate films. Products and application solutions from the German company can be found in many areas, including lighting and lighting technology. One such product is Makrofol LM films, which are particularly strong when it comes to innovative materials for lighting technology, especially LED lights. Covestro has thus long stood for particularly innovative products with a high level of quality.

Particularly in the lighting industry, solutions are often sought that exhibit homogeneous diffusion of light. Here, translucent light diffusion films from Makrofol offer an ideal solution for a wide range of lighting technology applications.

The lenticular technique

The lenticular technique can be divided into two areas, the creation of effects such as 3D wobble images or lenticular prints and the technique of light control and diffusion.

Our products are not suitable for the creation of 3D effects on images, such as wobble images, depending on the viewer's angle of vision.

In our assortment you will find lenticular films that are suitable for light deflection or diffusion. Therefore, our products are also called light-directing films. Light control plays a decisive role in the lighting industry, not least because of the increasingly powerful LED lamps. Manufacturers are dependent on reliable solutions to achieve excellent illumination without dazzling the eye of the beholder. Here, Covestro offers an optimal solution of the highest quality with its Makrofol LM 297 lenticular film.

Properties of lenticular films

Makrofol LM 297 is a polycarbonate film that is characterized by its high mechanical strength and impact resistance. It can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 130 degrees Celsius, has good dimensional stability and excellent dielectric and insulating properties. Therefore, lenticular films made of polycarbonate are ideally suited for various lighting applications such as the production of lamps and LED lighting. Furthermore, our light-directing film can also be used for special applications such as the thermoforming process or high-pressure forming. With an appropriate adhesive, you can make lenticular film self-adhesive. When applying a self-adhesive finish to lenticular sheets, be sure to check the compatibility of the materials.

No special accessories are required for processing lenticular sheets.

Applications of lenticular films

Typical applications for our lenticular films are televisions, monitors, backlight displays. Lenticular films are also suitable for other lighting applications such as: 

  • Backlit displays, switches and indicators.
  • Backlit automotive interiors.
  • Diffusion of light from different light sources.
  • Uniform, homogeneous diffusion of light sources such as LEDs.
  •  Multiple uses in the production of lamps and luminaires.

Lenticular sheets provide optimal illumination without blinding the eyes. Light control in particular is a major challenge for the lighting industry. With the Makrofol LM 297 polycarbonate film, it is possible to achieve optimum illumination. Regardless of the viewing angle, the light source is not directly visible, which effectively prevents glare in the eyes of the observer. The plastic polycarbonate is also an enormously resistant material, which offers many advantages even at low thicknesses.


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We stock the light-directing film Makrofol LM 297 as a standard product. We are happy to offer you rolls in the desired thickness, width and length. Or we can cut the rolls into rectangular blanks in the format you require. Just tell us the format you need and we will send you an attractive offer. Regardless of whether you need small runs or large quantities or entire rolls, we are your contact when it comes to films. You can buy lenticular film from us. 

If you have any further questions about our technical films such as the lenticular film Makrofol LM 297, our cutting service and other questions, we will be happy to advise you.