Self-adhesive films

our films that can be equipped with adhesives

Self-adhesive films

Self-adhesive films are required for various areas, fields of use and applications. These range from self-adhesive films for advertising technology and digital printing to furniture films, glass applications and industrial applications.

As a specialist in technical high-performance films with special properties, we only offer non-adhesive film products. Depending on the material and brand, we stock these in a thickness of 100 µm to 1 mm. We do not carry adhesive films in our range. However, with the right adhesive, some of our films can be made self-adhesive. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Areas of application for self-adhesive films

There is a great need for technical films with special properties that can be bonded to certain surfaces. Our films can be made self-adhesive for this purpose and thus transformed into a self-adhesive film. The number of possible applications is enormous, so we would like to give just a few examples of typical uses:

  • Membrane keypads. 
  • Front panels
  • Front foils. 
  • Special labels and labelling
  • Industrial signs and direct advertising.
  • Operating elements.
  • Film parts for insulating electrical components.
  • Panels.
  • Type plates for machines.
  • Nameplates.
  • Ornamental mouldings and decorations in cars.
  • Industrial moulds and punched parts.
  • UV and weather protection.
  • Protection against scratches and damage.
  • Decorative films for furniture, doors, walls, kitchens and more.

Depending on the application, a specific film is particularly suitable due to its material properties. We will be happy to help you choose the right product for your project. In our online shop, you can buy not only rolls of film but also cut-to-size film and film by the metre to suit your project.

Which films can be made self-adhesive?

Many customers ask us whether our films can be self-adhesively finished. In general, all our products are self-adhesive films. It is important to select the right adhesive and professional machines and accessories. We will go into this in more detail below.


The König Film Centre offers you self-adhesive upgradeable film made of various materials in high quality and with various advantages. You have the choice of:

✓ Polycarbonate films - temperature-stable and robust against mechanical influences.

✓ PMMA films - crystal clear, UV-stable and weatherproof.

✓ Polyester films - temperature-stable and printable.

✓ PEI film - particularly temperature-stable.

✓ PC-PBT films - resistant to chemicals and temperatures

Each material has its own advantages that make it an ideal carrier material for self-adhesive films and various areas of application. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the right backing material can be used to produce durable self-adhesive products that will last for many years.

Surfaces and colours

Different surfaces are required depending on the area of application. We therefore offer technical films with various smooth surfaces:

  • High-gloss and crystal clear on both sides
  • High-gloss on one side, matt on the other
  • Matt on both sides
  • Various degrees of matting from velvety matt to dull matt, from finely textured to coarsely textured.
  • The available colours include transparent products as well as black and red or white/opal film types.

Some of our film solutions can be printed and are therefore also suitable for the production of decorative films for furniture, doors or walls. This means that adhesive films in various colours can also be produced in the highest quality.

The manufacturers of our speciality films

In our online shop, you can buy film solutions from leading manufacturers in the highest quality. These include, among others: 

  • Sabic - known for the Lexan, Valox or Ultem brand
  • Covestro - known for Makrofol or Bayfol
  • Röhm - known for the Plexiglas brand
  • DuPont - known for the Melinex or Mylar brand

You will find other film manufacturers in our range, including films from Folex, Reflex and LLEAF. Whether on rolls or by the metre, we offer you suitable solutions for your applications. We can also produce customised cuts in the size you require on request.

Adhesives for the self-adhesive finishing of films

All of the technical films we offer are polar plastics and are therefore generally easy to bond. The choice of a suitable adhesive system depends on the film to be self-adhesively finished, the material and the nature of the substrate. 

There are numerous types of adhesive that can be used to apply self-adhesive film:

Adhesive tapes.

Adhesive tapes / adhesive films are ideal for applying technical films to smooth materials such as metal, glass or painted surfaces. There are numerous high-performance adhesive tapes that provide a reliable and long-term hold even on difficult-to-bond plastics, paints and powder coatings. 

In addition to the material of the adhesive tape / adhesive film, the adhesive strengths also differ. There are easily removable adhesive films that enable easy and residue-free removal.

2-component adhesives.

These adhesives are ideal for joint-filling or large-area bonding of plastics to each other or to other materials.

Hot melts (hot melt adhesives).

Hot melt adhesives are suitable for bonding different types of plastic together and can make films self-adhesive. Hot melts offer high impact resistance and the low viscosity allows for thin adhesive joints.


The choice of adhesive depends on the material and surface of the self-adhesive film and the substrate to which the film is to be applied. We recommend that you contact specialists in adhesive bonding for advice.

How long do self-adhesive films last?

There is no guarantee for the lifetime of a self-adhesive film. However, if the right adhesive is selected, it should bond ideally with the film type and surface and provide a secure bond. This ensures enormous durability for many years, even when used outdoors. 

Do the films retain their properties?

If the right adhesive is selected, the technical films will retain their properties. If this is not the case, problems can occur that damage the adhesive films. For example, plasticisers in the adhesive can soak into the outer layer of the plastic. This causes minimal cracks that can reach up to 40 μm deep into the material and damage layers close to the surface.

We therefore recommend that you seek advice from experts when it comes to the adhesive finishing of technical films. We will be happy to recommend companies that specialise in adhesives and self-adhesive finishing or send you samples for product tests.

Service, cutting and delivery time.

As a wholesaler of speciality films, we offer you an extensive range of products from leading manufacturers. This includes films in rolls and by the metre in various thicknesses. We can cut these to size for you in various widths and lengths or in rectangular cuts/formats and supply them in small quantities. In addition to fixed formats in rolls, we can also offer you customised dimensions to suit your project and/or machine. Ask us about the required format and we will provide you with a suitable quotation or send you a sample. 

For further enquiries or customer requests regarding material selection, formats and dimensions, we will be happy to advise you as a supplier of technical films. We will also be happy to answer any further questions you may have about ordering via the online shop, storage, packaging and delivery. Please contact us if you would like advice or a specific quotation for technical film products or would like to order self-adhesive film. 

We look forward to your enquiry!

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