PMMA films - UV stable

Plexiglas® 99524

Plexiglas® 99524

PLEXIGLAS® 99524 is a UV and weather resistant acrylic PMMA film with two highly glossy sides. The highly transparent film has an outstanding clarity and a graphic surface finish. Due to its glossy and very smooth surface Plexiglas® 99524 is recommended for high quality printing. The film shows very good characteristics in slitting and laser cutting. A protection film on both sides prevents scratches. PLEXIGLAS® 99524 is available in thicknesses between 175 μm and 1,0 mm and is offered in rolls or sheets.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Width Thickness
Plexiglas® 0F003

Plexiglas® 0F003

PLEXIGLAS® Film 0F003 is a UV and weather resistant acrylic PMMA film with a matt / polished surface. It also presents high light transmission and transparency. Due to its two different surfaces the film provides freedom for different finishing effects after printing and/or molding. The matt finishing side provides anti-blocking effect in printing processes and a light scattering can be achieved when used in illumination applications. PLEXIGLAS® Film 0F003 also presents a good scratch resistance.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Width Thickness
429405 MATT/GLOSSY CLEAR 1270 0.25
Plexiglas® 99532

Plexiglas® 99532

PLEXIGLAS® 99532 is a white opale PMMA film which offers an ideal combination of transmission and light diffusion. The white film is UV and weather resistant and offers excellent optical characteristics. The high gloss surface has a good resistance to weak acids and alkalis as well as to non-polas solvents. PLEXIGLAS® 99532 is universally applicable wherever light scattering is required. The PMMA film is available in 0,5 mm and 1 mm thickness and offered in sheets.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Width Thickness

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PMMA films    

Plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a UV and weather resistant plastic material that offers unique optical properties. This prevents color changing and yellowing and ensures an attractive visual appearance and high light transmission of the whole life cycle of the application.

In comparison with other transparent films without coating PMMA films have a harder surface and therefore slightly stiffer. Due to the addition of Polybutylacrylate (PBA) PMMA films can be well processed and die-cut on CO2 laser. The films are equipped with different loadings of UV absorbers.  

High performance PMMA films are available in glossy (optical quality) and matt as well as white opale. The glass clear films have an excellent light transmission and optical properties. Plastic polymethyl methacrylate are often used as replacement for a glass surface. White PMMA acrylic films and sheets offer an optimal ratio of light transmission to diffusion and therefore are ideal for lighting applications.

With the brand product Plexiglas the König Film Centre offers a range of high quality and performance films with great properties.  We offer the film in rolls or sheets in the required width and length. Just contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Properties of transparent PMMA films   

Crystal clear plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) films and sheets (like glass) are extremely UV resistant and resistant to weathering and atmospheric influences. This makes this acrylic material ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications and is a main advantage of this high performance plastic material. Plastic polymethyl methacrylate films also offer an excellent chemical resistance. The chemical resistance should always be tested on a sample sheet first. There are so many chemical cleaners which makes it impossible to set up a compatibility list for chemical resistance of the products.

The PMMA plastic material also offers unique optical properties. In the case of the colourless grades, the high transmission of light and light transmittance of this film in optical quality is impressive. Thanks to the material and a special production process, the PMMA film from POLYVANTIS (formerly Röhm)  is highly transparent and absolutely colourless. PMMA has an enormously high-gloss surface, which is particularly important for applications in the automotive industry. A protective film on both sides serves as scratch protection and prevents damage to the film during transport and processing.

Compared to other transparent films without a scratch-resistant coating, the acrylic film has a higher surface hardness (scratch resistance) and rigidity. In addition, PMMA films can be excellently cut into shape by laser - without causing damage or burns. The PMMA films have an elevated chemical resistance and are very easy to clean. 

The white PMMA film is a translucent material due to the use of diffuser pigments and achieves excellent light diffusion effects. White PMMA film is also known as diffuser film or light scattering film. 

The main properties of PMMA acrylic films and sheets (products made of the plastic polymethyl methacrylate) on a glance are:

  • excellent UV and weather resistance
  • unique optical material properties (optical transparency like glass)
  • modified for distinguished impact resistance
  • scratch resistant material
  • chemical resistance
  • formable films
  • good printability (screen, digital, gravure and flexo printing)
  • ideal for laser cutting
  • characterized by excellent resistance to weak acids and leaches as well as covalent solvents
  • high light transmission and suitable for diffracted optics
  • light diffusion and great material for the lighting industry.


Applications of transparent and white PMMA films

Transparent PMMA (Plastic polymethyl methacrylate) films and acrylic sheets are optical high performance products and used for various industrial applications and in the graphic industry. The properties of PMMA make them ideal for the following applications and usage:

  • displays
  • durable labels
  • nameplates and type plates
  • control elements and operating elements
  • decorative and functional panels for appliances
  • resistant front films
  • replacement for a glass
  • illuminated displays
  • lighting applications
  • graphic applications
  • industrial applications and other products

But there will be various other applications for which the PMMA acrylic film products in optical quality can be used. PMMA can be used for an application onto almost every smooth surface (glass, metal, plastic etc.) and industry.


Processing of PMMA products

Glass clear PMMA (plastic polymethyl methacrylate) films and acrylic sheets in optical quality can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manufacturer POLYVANTIS (formerly Röhm) we recommend the following ways of processing Plexiglas films and sheets:

  • Printing with various technology
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Laser cutting
  • Thermoforming
  • Back injection moulding technology
  • Bonding (self-adhesive) to other materials.

We recommend to use a suitable equipment and technology for professional processing of plastic films in optical quality. Before cleaning a glass clear PMMA film, we recommend to test the material compatibility on a non-visible area of the sheet. For printing transparent PMMA films we recommend to first test if the used technology works for our films. For further information please contact us!

Our product range of PMMA films: 

Besides various plastics, we offer our PMMA (plastic polymethyl methacrylate) film products and acrylic sheets in thicknesses from 175 µm to 1 mm. Depending on the application, we recommend the right thickness. Up to 750 µm the PMMA film is produced in rolls, in 1 mm as acrylic sheets. As standard stock items we offer these plastic films of the German brand Plexiglas: 

Plexiglas 99524 (PMMA acrylic film)

Properties: Crystal clear (optical quality like glass), glossy and colourless PMMA film. This product is available as rolls in a thickness from 175 µm - 750 µm and as sheets in 1 mm. The glass clear film / sheet has a protective film on both sides for protection to avoid a damages in the film during transport (increased resistance).

Plexiglass 0F003 (PMMA acrylic film) 

Properties: The product has one matt side and one glossy side PMMA film. This transparent film is available in rolls with a thickness of 250 µm.

Plexiglass 99532 (PMMA acrylic film) 

Properties: Opal white PMMA film product for lighting applications. We offer the diffusor films as sheets in 750 µm and sheets in 1 mm thickness.

We offer various other resistant PMMA (plastic polymethyl methacrylate) films and sheets from the manufacturer POLYVANTIS (former Röhm) on demand. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for PMMA films.

Our service – large product range and quick delivery:

At the König Film Centre you can buy transparent and white PMMA films as well as other sheets and products with different propoerties. For PMMA films we offer rolls in a width of 1.270 mm and various roll lengths and thickness. We are also happy to produce rectangular sheets in the desired sheet format and individual dimensions (desired size) of our acrylic sheets for you. Benefit from a short delivery time within a few working days. Send your order to or call us at +49 202 3177119-30.

Due to our extensive and long experience as a specialist for high technology PMMA films and various plastic products, we have a great deal of know-how in technical films and resistant plastics. We will be happy to advise you on your project, industry, application and product properties with the support of the manufacturer. Do you need data sheets (including data about light transmission) or sample material to convince yourself of the optical product properties? Please feel free to call us. We look forward to your enquiry!