Plexiglas films - highly transparent and UV resistant

PMMA films of Röhm for demanding and high quality applications

Crystal clear PMMA films from Röhm

Plexiglas films are known worldwide as high quality products. They are made of the plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and contain polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier. They are either absolutely crystal clear or milky white and are available with a high-gloss, smooth or matt surface. In our film centre online shop, you can buy various Plexiglas films as cut-to-size material. We stock special films of the PLEXIGLAS® brand from crystal clear to translucent.

Advantages of Plexiglas films

PLEXIGLAS® film is extremely UV-stable and resistant to weathering and atmospheric influences. It offers unique optical properties. In the case of the colourless grades, the high transmission of light and their light transmittance is impressive. White Plexiglas film is translucent due to the use of diffuser pigments and achieves excellent light diffusion effects. White Plexiglas film is also known as diffuser film or light scattering film.

Compared to other transparent films without a scratch-resistant coating, PLEXIGLAS film has a higher surface hardness (scratch resistance) and rigidity. In addition, PLEXIGLAS® films can be excellently cut into shape by laser - without causing damage or burns.

Many customers ask us whether Plexiglas film is transparent. Thanks to the material and a special production process, Röhm PMMA film is highly transparent and absolutely colourless. A protective film on both sides serves as scratch protection and prevents damage to the film during transport and processing. Plexiglas film has an enormously high-gloss surface, which is particularly important for applications in the automotive industry. It has varying levels of UV absorbers and good resistance to abrasion and weathering. Therefore, Plexiglas film is very easy to clean and suitable for installation or outdoor use. Before cleaning, we recommend that you test the material compatibility of the surface on a non-visible area.

In summary, Plexiglas films made of the plastic polymethyl methacrylate are characterised by:

  • UV stability
  • Enormously high transparency
  • Laser cutting properties
  • Scratch resistance
  • Homogeneous light diffusion with opal films
  • High stiffness
  • Surface hardness

Our range of Plexiglas films

In our online shop we stock three Plexiglas films in different thicknesses, which differ in colour and surface.

  • Plexiglas 99524: crystal-clear, glossy and colourless PMMA film. Available as rolls in thicknesses from 175 µm - 750 µm and as sheets in 1 mm. The film has a protective film on both sides for protection.
  • Plexiglass 0F003: One side matt and the other side glossy PMMA film. Available in rolls with a thickness of 250 µm.
  • Plexiglass 99532: Opal white PMMA film for lighting applications. We offer the diffusor films as sheets in 750 µm and 1 mm thickness.

Other films made of the plastic PMMA (from the manufacturer PLEXIGLAS®) are available on request. We will be happy to advise you and recommend the right product for your application.

Our Service

As a specialist for technical film, we will be happy to advise you and recommend the most suitable flexible Plexiglas film for your application. We can provide you with technical data sheets for the individual special films. We will gladly send you samples for the production of first prototypes or initial application tests.

You can buy Plexiglas films with different surfaces in our online shop. The König Film Centre offers you thin Plexiglas film from 175 µm to 1 mm with a very fast delivery and short lead times. We stock Plexiglas film as rolls and offer Plexiglas film by the metre. We also offer Plexiglas film sheets. The sheets are rectangular and the format is according to your specifications. We look forward to your enquiry or order!


  • very good UV and weather resistance
  • modified for impact resistance
  • scratch-proof and can be polished as required
  • good formability
  • good printability (screen, digital, gravure and flexo printing)
  • characterized by good resistance to weak acids and leaches, as well as covalent solvents
  • has unique optical characteristics
  • captivating due to good transmission, as well as the option of diffracted optics
  • the white PLEXIGLAS®- film is characterized by diffuser beads with excellent light scattering effects


PMMA films can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manfacturer Evonik we recommend the following ways of processing Plexiglas® films:

  • printing
  • cutting
  • punching
  • laser cutting
  • embossing
  • thermoforming
  • back injection moulding
  • bonding

For further information please contact us!


  • displays
  • durable labels
  • nameplates
  • control elements
  • decorative and functional panels for appliances
  • front films
  • illuminated displays
  • temperevident labels

Product overview


175 µm to 1,0 mm

Roll widths
» 1.270 mm

transparent clear and white opale

» polished on one side / both sides


  Plexiglas®99524   clear, both sides polished
  Plexiglas®0F003   clear, matt / polished
  Plexiglasfolie®99532   white opale