UV stable polycarbonate films

Makrofol® UV 244 1-1 000000

Makrofol® UV 244 1-1 000000

Makrofol® UV 244 1-1 000000 is a coextruded film based on Makrolon® with a specially developed functional layer for UV-protection. It combines the well known advantages of Makrofol® with respect to mechanical, thermal and optical properties with the capability for applications under UV-exposure. Typical applications are instrument panels and touch panels in the automotive sector. The surface is highly glossy on both sides. Makrofol® UV 244 1-1 is available in 250 µm, other thicknesses are available on demand. The UV stable PC film can be ordered as rolls or sheets.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Colour Code Width Thickness
479020 POLISHED/POLISHED CLEAR 000000 1000 0.25

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Are there UV stable polycarbonate films?

A major disadvantage of polycarbonate is its low UV stability. This also applies to polycarbonate films (PC films) and essentially limits the areas of application to indoor or short-term outdoor use.

We receive enquiries from many customers as to whether polycarbonate film is UV stable or whether it can be made UV stable for outdoor applications.

As a specialist for technical high-performance films, the König Film Centre offers you a special film with increased UV stability (Makrofol UV). This is a coextruded polycarbonate film with an outer functional layer for protection against UV radiation. Makrofol UV 244 combines the advantages of the plastic polycarbonate with the possibility of a prolonged use under UV exposure.

Properties of UV-stable polycarbonate films

The high-performance film Makrofol UV 244 from the German plastics manufacturer Covestro has a high UV resistance together with the properties of classic PC films: 

  • optical transparency.
  • mechanical strength and impact resistance.
  • resistance to temperatures from - 40 °C to 130 °C (continuous service temperature of 105 °C).
  • excellent dimensional stability.
  • good dielectric and insulating properties.
  • high impact strength
  • high light transmission

The impact resistant film with increased UV resistance exceeds the requirements of SAE-J 1885 (test under simulated weathering).

What do I need UV stable PC films for?

The UV resistant polycarbonate film (Makrofol UV 244) allows the advantages of PC films to be used for outdoor applications. Examples of applications are front panels and instrument panels exposed to UV radiation as well as control systems in automotive interiors.


UV-resistant polycarbonate films can be processed like conventional polycarbonate films. They are characterised by a good and consistent printability in various printing processes. Furthermore, they can be cut, punched, lasered (with restrictions), embossed and glued. The films we offer can be formed cold and hot. Depending on the surface, the UV-stable polycarbonate films are provided with a protective film.

No special accessories or tools are required for processing UV-resistant polycarbonate films.


In which versions can I get Makrofol UV 244?

The UV stable film is available in different surfaces and thicknesses. In addition, there is a great deal of flexibility regarding the sizes thanks to our cutting service.


Thicknesses and surfaces

Covestro produces the colourless film Makrofol UV 244 with different surfaces:

  • crystal-clear polished with protective film on both sides
  • matt on both sides

Both versions have a high light transmission.

In addition, we offer the UV-resistant polycarbonate films in different thicknesses. As standard we stock the double-sided polished version in 250 µm, other thicknesses are available on request.


Delivery time and cutting service

We stock the UV-resistant film in rolls. The roll length differs depending on the thickness. We will gladly cut the rolls to the desired length and width for you. Rectangular sheets in the format you require can also be made quickly. Just tell us the format you need and we will send you an offer with an attractive price. We deliver all stocked products within a few working days. The product is professionally and securely packed for delivery.


Technical advice

Due to our long experience with technical films, we know our way around this product area. We are happy to advise you during the planning and implementation of your project and send you technical product data sheets or samples for the construction of initial prototypes. In case of interesting projects, we have the possibility to consult and involve the application engineers of the manufacturers. If you have any further questions about our product range, the individual materials, our cutting service or delivery, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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