The König Film Centre - our philosophy

The most important fundamentals of our daily work

Preserving the values and services of our customers:
It is the philosophy of the König Film Centre to support our customers who have accumulated a high know-how in the high-quality market of technical screen printing. Competitors of our customers, who only wish to plagiarize cheap successful parts, are not our target clients.

Preserving the value of the brand products of our suppliers:
The value of branded products and high quality suppliers allows future developments in the film sector. This is the basis for the development of new projects and, thus, the security of your and our future..


As supplier independent of manufacturer for high-quality films for the technical, industrial and graphic applications and as the specialist in the technical film segment, we can and wish to, advise and support you due to our focusing on film and through our partnerships with the leading manufacturers.


Corporate Ethics:

You can find out more about our ethical principles and business ethics at the following link: