König Film Centre - our history

10 years of experience in technical films


The König Film Centre was founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 2011 to meet the needs for technical films of the König Kunststoffe GmbH's customers throughout Germany. Technical films were thus a new product range in König's portfolio. The aim of the foundation was not only to sell films, but also to cut them to size in the individually required format in order to be able to meet customers´ requirements flexibly and quickly. Wuppertal was chosen as the location because we managed to build up a team of employees there who had been working in this field for many years and had the necessary know-how in dealing with technical films.  


In the first few years, customers were served through the regional König branches in Germany. It quickly became apparent that selling technical films required a more concentrated approach by a sales department specialising in this field. In 2014, König Kunststoffe GmbH was purchased by Vink. This suddenly made König belong to the world's largest distributor of semi-finished plastic products, and the König Film Centre became an independent profit centre.
A sales team specialized in the distribution of technical films was set up, which has since been providing our customers with experienced advice on project initiation, the selection of suitable materials and procurement. The special feature of the König Film Centre is that we concentrate solely on technical films and could therefore build up a particularly high level of know-how in this niche area.


Since then, the König Film Centre has developed successfully. Today we deliver our products to customers in over 30 countries worldwide and guarantee our customers the highest flexibility and fast delivery times. Through our partnership with the leading film manufacturers, we are supplier-independent and can recommend and supply the right product for our customers' areas of application. 

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and thank our customers and suppliers for a close and successful partnership.