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We offer branded products and work with reliable partners

Branded products - technical films

As a long-established distributor and converter of technical films, we focus exclusively on quality products from leading film manufacturers. We therefore only offer established brand products. In our range we offer plastic films of the brands LEXAN™, MAKROFOL®, BAYFOL®, MELINEX®, MYLAR®, Folex®, REFLEX®, PLEXIGLAS®, VALOX™ and ULTEM™.

In addition to a quality guarantee, working with these film manufacturers also offers you other advantages. As a partner of the leading manufacturers such as POLYVANTIS, SABIC, COVESTRO, DuPont, Röhm and Folex, we have the support of their application technicians. This enables us, as a long-standing renowned film wholesaler, to provide you with active and targeted support in the search for materials for your project. These manufacturers also offer professional complaints management in the event of potential complaints.

For this purpose, we offer you not only specialist knowledge but also samples for the production of prototypes or initial tests. Benefit from the Film Centre's extensive experience with high-quality industrial and high-performance films.

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Our brands

In our large assortment we carry technical products of the following brands:

  • Bayfol.
  • Folex.
  • Lexan.
  • LLEAF.
  • Makrofol.
  • Melinex.
  • Mylar.
  • Plexiglas.
  • Valox.
  • Ultem.

The products of our film manufacturers are subject to the strictest quality controls. The manufacturers use the most modern production facilities and machines from extrusion to packaging. This ensures the best possible products. Therefore, we can recommend the best quality film solutions for your application.

H2: Our range of films

In our product portfolio we offer high-quality technical films made of

  • Polycarbonate.
  • PMMA.
  • Polyester (PET).
  • PBT.
  • PEI.

For standard products, we guarantee storage in our Film Centre in Wuppertal / Germany. These films can be delivered quickly as rolls or cut to size in the desired format.

Packaging films, cover films, PVC films, PE (polyethylene) films, PP films are not part of our film range.


The film manufacturers

Sabic - Lexan brand polycarbonate film:

Lexan films are polycarbonate (PC) extruded materials from the leading international manufacturer Sabic IP. Polycarbonate is a high quality plastic that is characterised by an outstanding optical transparency and mechanical strength. Lexan polycarbonate film has excellent mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties and can be used for various industrial applications.

Covestro - Makrofol and Bayfol polycarbonate films:

The world-renowned Makrofol and Bayfol brand films are produced by Covestro, Germany's best-known film manufacturer. Covestro is the largest film manufacturer in Germany in the field of polycarbonate films. The film products are manufactured from polycarbonate (PC) using an extrusion process. Polycarbonate is a plastic with excellent mechanical strength and optical transparency. Films from Makrofol have special thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical properties. The plastic films can therefore be used in various industrial areas.

More and more frequently, customers are asking for sustainable films. Our range of films includes special films from the film manufacturer Covestro, which can be rated as sustainable.

POLYVANTIS (former Röhm) - PMMA film of the brand Plexiglas:

Plexiglas brand films from the German film producer POLYVANTIS (formerly known as Röhm) are known worldwide as high quality products. Most of the PMMA films are produced in Germany. PLEXIGLAS® films are made of the plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and contain polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier. They are either absolutely crystal clear or milky white and are available with a high-gloss, smooth or matt surface. We stock PLEXIGLAS® brand speciality films from crystal clear to translucent.

Mylar Specialty Films - PET film manufacturer of the Melinex and Mylar brands:

Melinex is the brand name for biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films from Mylar Specialty Films (former DuPont Teijin Films), a leading international manufacturer of PET films. Melinex film products are high-quality and flexible polyester films with special chemical, electrical and thermal properties. The polyester films can be used for various industrial and electronic applications and sectors. Melinex PET films are used for labels, die-cut parts, insulating parts, packaging or other technical applications.

Folex - Polyester films from the film manufacturer Folex:

The company with film production in Switzerland and Germany is a specialist in the finishing and coating of films. The manufacturer offers high-quality products and individual film solutions for a wide variety of markets.

The product portfolio of the film manufacturer has its origins in the area of films for membrane switches. Today, it also covers other technical applications beyond the field of input systems (manufacturer of membrane keyboards). It includes clear to structured decorative films and many special foils. Folex offers these with different printing pre-treatments for excellent and consistent printability in screen printing and for digital printing.

Possible applications and industries for branded films

As a specialist for technical films, we can recommend film solutions for almost any application. The most common applications are:

·         Front panels.

·         Film keyboards.

·         High-quality labels and overlays.

·         Operating elements.

·         Type plates for machines and plants.

·         Interior parts for automobiles.

·         Insulation of power supplies and batteries.

·         EMI shielding.

·         Medical packaging (FDA).

·         Finished parts with food contact (FDA).

·         Deep drawing and back injection.

·         Backlit interior parts for automobiles.

·         Light diffusion.

·         Input systems.

·         Industrial signs.

·         Formed and stamped parts.

·         Various industrial applications.

·         Outdoor use.

·         Screen printing with solvent inks.

·         Electrical insulation.

·         Protective visors.

·         Machine covers.

·         Films for green houses and plant growth.

If your desired application is not listed, please contact us. Our film specialists will be happy to advise you. We look forward to your enquiry!

Service and cutting

As a film converter, we have the most modern machines for film processing and cutting to size. If you need a film product in a specific size or have any questions about processing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We keep standard films in stock, so we can promptly fulfil cut-to-size or special customer requests.