Polyester: white / hazy

Melinex® 339 - white

Melinex® 339 - white

Melinex® 339 is an exceptionally white, opaque polyester film pre treated on both sides to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings. Melinex® 339 is well printable and offered as rolls or sheets.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Width Thickness
Mylar A - hazy

Mylar A - hazy

Mylar® A is a hazy polyester film for general electronics applications. Mylar A is available in 250 µm and in other thicknesses on request . We offer this film in rolls or sheets.

AvailabilityArticle Surface Colour Width Thickness
457460 GLOSSY / GLOSSY NATURE 1220 0.25

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White and hazy polyester films (PET films)

In addition to PET films for input systems and the crystal-clear polyester films, we also have coloured polyester films in our range. In our assortment there are, among others, white polyester films and hazy polyester films. These are high-quality, biaxially oriented polyester films (so-called BO-PET films). Biaxially oriented polyester films are made of the plastic polyethylene terephthalate and obtain their special properties through a special stretching process in both directions (biaxial).

The König Film Centre offers you

  • Melinex ® polyester films white (from the manufacturer Dupont ®).
  • Mylar ® polyester films (from the manufacturer Dupont ®).

White polyester film

White PET films offer the great advantage of a high opacity. The white polyester film Melinex 339 is a very successful and worldwide established product. The opaque plastic film has a print pre-treatment (coating) on both sides and offers an excellent printability. It is available in thicknesses of 125 µm and 175 µm in rolls or cut to size (other thicknesses are available on request). Melinex 339 has excellent chemical, electrical and thermal properties. It can be used for a wide range of industrial applications.

Hazy polyester film

Mylar A is a hazy polyester film that has been established for industrial applications for years. Compared to the white PET film Melinex 339, Mylar A film has no print pre-treatment and is not opaque. The cloudy polyester film is a good all-round product. It offers a particularly good price-performance ratio. Mylar A has a smooth and glossy surface on both sides. It is available in a thickness of 250 µm in rolls or sheets. Other thicknesses of this polyester film are available on request.


All biaxially oriented PET films are characterised by an extreme temperature resistance. Further advantages are:

  • a high tensile strength (extremely tensile and tear resistant).
  • excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.
  • low moisture absorption.
  • excellent electrical insulating properties .
  • permanently embossable.
  • high dielectric strength up to 180 kV/mm.
  • well and stable printable.
  • a smooth surface on both sides.

Processing of polyester films

Polyester films can be processed in many ways. This includes the possibility of cutting, punching, bending, printing, heat-sealing and gluing or self-adhesive finishing of the films. PET films are also suitable for use as high-quality self-adhesive labels. 

PET films hardly become brittle as they age, because they do not contain any plasticisers. Deformation under heat is only possible to a limited extent with polyester films. No special accessories are required for processing polyester films.

If you have any questions about properties or applications, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your enquiry.