Films for input systems

our films for keyboards and membrane switches

Films for input systems

An important area in our product range are films for keyboards and membrane switches. These products are used to manufacture high-quality membrane keyboards and switches that are enormously durable and robust. In industry, such keyboards are indispensable and are required for various branches and areas of application.

For this application, we offer high-quality and refined polyester films (PET films). These can be embossed and are printable by screen printing and digital printing.  As a specialist for technical films, the König FilmCentre works with Folex, a leading manufacturer of films for input systems. This gives us access to a wide range of film solutions for membrane switches with different thicknesses and surfaces.

Properties of films for membrane switches

For the production of input systems, our customers mainly use high-quality, biaxially oriented polyester films. This material has a very high chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. In addition, it has numerous properties that meet the high requirements for this application. In addition, these films are suitable for further processing, such as embossing or printing.

Printing on PET films

Polyester films are actually not printable, but due to a special printing pre-treatment (coating), our polyester films for input systems are ideal and constantly printable.

The PET polyester films are well suited for screen printing. In addition, printing is also possible using digital printing and UV-curing inks. This makes it possible to produce small series with low quantities or even individual articles. For more information on printable films solutions, please contact us!

Embossing of films

The embossability of the film products is crucial for the use as keyboard film. All products offered for this application can be ideally embossed. As embossed keyboard elements, the film can withstand over a million strokes. Embossing offers one of the greatest advantages for use as a control film or front film.

Scratch resistance

We offer film with a scratch resistant coating. The scratch resistance / resistance to scratches makes these products a particularly durable and long-lasting solution for keyboards and keypads.

Our product range

As an expert for technical films, we have a wide range of products in various material thicknesses. We offer printable polyester films for membrane switches and keyboards in thicknesses from 130 µm to 250 µm. On request, we can supply thinner and thicker films. We offer our PET polyester films (polyethylene terephthalate film) in rolls or as sheets in your desired format. Special formats are available on request.

Our printable films differ in terms of surface:  

  • Crystal clear polished, scratch-resistant - Folex GO-HC NQ.
  • The new scratch-resistant film for glare-free viewing - Folex GO-HA
  • One-sided matt - Folex GO-MA.
  • Fine textured on one side - Folex GO-FT NQ.
  • Coarse textured on one side - Folex GO-VT.
  • One-sided matt, scratch-resistant - Reflex LT.

We would be pleased to send you a sample and data sheets from the manufacturers of our polyester films. If you have any questions or requests, or if you are looking for specific surfaces, data sheets, cut-to-size formats or applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you need a product sample to convince yourself of the look / feel or the material properties of our quality products? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Processing polyester films

PET films can be processed in various ways. They can be cut, punched, embossed, lasered, bent, printed, heat-sealed and self-adhesive. PET films do not become brittle with ageing as they do not contain any plasticisers. However, deformation under heat is only possible to a limited extent with polyester films. No special accessories or tools are required for processing special polyester films. This makes polyester film the ideal material for manufacturing keyboards, control panels and input systems.

Areas of application for keyboard films

Our polyester keyboard films are designed for industrial and electronic applications. In addition to being used as membrane keyboards and membrane touch switches, the polyester films can also be used as front foils or front panels.

The most common areas of application include:

  • Input systems.
  • Control elements.
  • Membrane keyboards and keypads.
  • Flexible printed circuits.
  • Front films and front panels.
  • Industrial signs and type plates.
  • Stickers and self-adhesive labels.
  • Industrial moulded and die-cut parts.
  • Decorative cover foils.
  • Displays and signs.
  • Various industrial applications.
  • Identification labels.

Films for keyboards and control panels are used in various industries such as the automotive industry, in the electrical or electronics sector or in medical technology. In industry, keyboard films are used for front panels, operating elements, type plates / labels or industrial signs. Front foils offer an ideal basis for this, as they are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to process.


Through our long experience as a supplier of operating films, we have built up a great deal of know-how. We will be happy to advise you on finding the right quality front foil for your requirements. We will send you technical data sheets or samples for the creation of initial prototypes or for first tests. Contact us, we look forward to your enquiry!

We will gladly cut the rolls into narrow rolls or rectangular sheets in your desired format. Tell us the format you need and we will send you an offer with an attractive price. You can buy films for membrane switches from us!

We deliver all stock keyboard films within a few working days. The product is securely packed for delivery. If you have any further questions about our range, our cutting service, delivery and any other concerns, we will be happy to advise you.

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