Films for the automotive industry

Automotive Films

Films for the automotive industry

The automotive industry continues to be one of the largest industries in Europe. High-performance plastics with special properties are needed to design ever more innovative and powerful models. Plastic films are an important component in the design of car interiors. Applications range from speedometers to decorative elements and optically high-quality operating elements.  

The requirements for automotive films are enormously high. Whether in the interior or exterior, hardly any other sector is subject to as many requirements as the automotive sector. We offer you various automotive films and will be happy to advise you on application possibilities and processing. Contact us, we look forward to your enquiry!


Products and materials for automotive manufacturers - our range:

Under films for the automotive industry (automotive films), we mean all technical films used in and around the car.  As an established wholesaler for technical films, we offer you an extensive range of different materials, surfaces and thicknesses for the highest demands. These include film products with enormous temperature resistance, strong UV resistance and good printability. Depending on the type of film, there are also special advantages such as deep-drawing capability or other treatments necessary for the production process.

In order to be able to offer you consistently high quality, we work closely with established film manufacturers. Our range of films includes, among others:

·         Sabic - Lexan

·         Covestro - Makrofol and Bayfol

·         Röhm - Plexiglas

·         DuPont Teijin Film -Melinex and Mylar

·         Folex 

Automotive films - products for highest demands:

Our range of automotive films consists of materials with different properties for a wide variety of applications. Our film range includes the following plastics: 

  • Polycarbonate. 
  • PMMA (Plexiglas).
  • Polyester (PET).
  • PEI.
  • PBT-PC.

Depending on the raw material, the plastic films for the automotive industry have different core properties and advantages.

Polycarbonate films for increased continuous use temperature.

Polycarbonate film products are stable for a continuous use temperature of at least 105 degrees Celsius. They can withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius for short periods, and become thermo-elastic above 190 / 200 degrees Celsius. Therefore, polycarbonate films have good thermoforming properties and are also extremely impact resistant.

Polycarbonate films are available in various surfaces (polished, matt, fine matt, velvet matt), colours and thicknesses. They thus cover an enormously wide range of applications and are very often used for heat-resistant requirements.

We offer films from the two leading brands Lexan and Makrofol and have an enormously wide range of products. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right special film for your project and find a suitable solution for you.


UL listed films for compliance with fire protection standards.

Especially in the automotive industry, many applications require flame retardant films that meet certain fire protection classes. As a specialist for technical films, we offer various products that meet the UL 94 V0 fire protection standard. These include flame-retardant films made of the raw materials polycarbonate, PC-PBT and PEI from various manufacturers.

Since many automotive components made of film are used worldwide, the American UL 94 standard has become the accepted standard in the industry. This is accepted worldwide and is more important than most national standards. Class V0 is the highest flammability class of plastics according to UL 94. 


Light diffusion films for LED applications in the automotive industry.

In the dashboard area of cars, the driver can select and control various functions. The coloured backlighting of various areas is a standard in all automobiles. For this purpose, translucent diffusor films are used, which enable high-quality lighting effects. These milky white coloured diffusor films contain a scattering additive specially developed for this application to ensure uniform light scattering. When used in backlit components, our light-scattering films provide uniform and homogeneous illumination over a wide area. This makes them ideal for a wide range of automotive components.


PMMA films with high UV stability.

The main advantages of PMMA films of the Plexiglas brand include their enormous UV stability and weather resistance. In addition, plastic films made of PMMA are a very good adhesion enhancer when combined or back-moulded with other materials. also available as sheet material. Due to the addition of polybutyl acrylate (PBA) as an impact modifier, PMMA films can be cut and laser-processed very well. Furthermore, PMMA films offer good deep-drawing properties and are scratch-resistant. This makes them an ideal basis for various components in the automotive sector.

A Plexiglas film is either absolutely crystal clear or milky white and usually has a high-gloss surface in both versions. The colourless qualities have particularly good light transmission properties. They have a high resistance to weathering and abrasion and are absolutely colourless. White film types achieve excellent light diffusion effects through the use of diffuser pigments.


Biaxially oriented polyester (PET) film for the automotive industry.

Biaxially oriented polyester films are characterised by high resistance to temperatures. They also have good tensile strength and tear resistance, excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability and excellent transparency. Polyester films are good electrical insulators, show low moisture absorption (0.3%) and high dielectric strength up to 180 kV/mm. With a printing pre-treatment, most of our polyester films can be printed well and homogeneously. These properties make PET films an ideal material in the automotive industry.


As a wholesaler of technical / industrial films, we offer you our products as rolls or directly cut to size in sheets according to your requirements. You can buy different material thicknesses and surface structures / colours from us. Due to our close cooperation with the manufacturers, we can also fulfil special customer requests (such as special thicknesses and sizes). Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to convince yourself of the quality of our industrial films with a film sample. If you have any questions about processing, storage or product properties such as tear resistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you.


Requirements for automotive film.

The use of plastics has enormously high demands on the respective film types. In the automotive industry, there are strict standards and specifications that immediately rule out the use of many raw materials. In addition, the following factors play a major role:


A car has a long service life and it must be ensured that the components used last a correspondingly long time. Extensive tests and strict specifications rule out premature fatigue or wear of the automotive films. Thus, high durability is one of the core properties of the products.

Temperature resistance

The temperature in cars varies from high negative to high positive degrees depending on the country and season. Automotive film must be able to withstand this and must not suffer from strong temperature fluctuations and extreme heat. High temperatures are also reached during the production process, which the plastic films must be able to withstand. Therefore, high temperature resistance is one of the core properties that automotive films must fulfil.

UV stability

Depending on the positioning of the component in the car, UV stability is very important. The solar radiation in vehicles can be enormous, which can lead to yellowing and embrittlement of the film. Car manufacturers and suppliers should therefore pay attention to a high UV stability depending on the position of the component.


Most components inside a vehicle must have a high resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents. Displays, dashboards, door sills and trim elements are often cleaned with strong cleaning agents and must withstand them. 


One of the core properties that film solutions for the automotive industry must have is good thermoformability. Thermoforming enables the production of complex shapes and is suitable for both single pieces and large series.

Other factors for automotive films include low moisture absorption, high weather resistance and easy processing. In addition to the factors mentioned, technical high-performance films offer a number of other advantages for the automotive industry. They can be used in the interior as well as in the exterior.

As a long-standing and experienced supplier of plastic films, we will be happy to advise you.

Applications for automotive films.

Automotive films have a wide range of applications. 

As a wholesaler for special technical films of the highest quality, we can support you in finding the right product for your use in the vehicle. Possible areas of application in the automotive industry are: 

  • Door sill trims in the vehicle.
  • Decorative elements and trim parts in high-quality design.
  • Switches and displays.
  • Buttons and control units / control panels.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Front panels.
  • Speedometer discs.
  • Light diffuser films.
  • High gloss surfaces.
  • Black panel effect.
  • Production of various interior parts in automobiles.
  • Deep drawing of housings and moulded parts.
  • Various other automotive components

In addition to applications for car manufacturers, there are countless areas in industry that can be easily realised with our industrial films. We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to recommend the right films for your area of application.

Service, cutting and delivery.

As a supplier of special technical films, we have a very large range and stock. We can supply you with automotive films on rolls / by the metre in various widths or in rectangular sheets / formats, starting from small quantities. Please ask us for the required dimensions and we will provide you with a suitable offer. You can also order our films online. We will also be happy to answer any further questions you may have on the subject of storage, packaging and delivery.

We are not only a supplier of special films, we can also help you with the REVINK programme when it comes to the recycling of your rests. Your main advantages are a certificate confirming your participation in the programme and a better environmental balance. Contact us to find out more about our recycling programme.

For further questions or customer requests regarding processing, material selection, formats and dimensions, accessories or our company, please feel free to contact us at any time. Please contact us if you would like advice, solutions or a concrete offer. The teams of the König Films Centre team is looking forward to your call!