Thermoforming films

our technical films for the thermoforming process

Thermoforming films

Plastic films are available for a wide range of applications. Particularly demanding applications, such as use for the so-called thermoforming process, place high demands on the films. As a supplier of technical films, we offer plastic films for almost every requirement.

Our thermoforming film offers an optimal solution for applications in thermoforming or forming processes. These films impress with their enormous quality and resistance. In addition to thermoforming sheets, you will find a wide range of other quality products from leading manufacturers in our portfolio. We obtain our transparent films for thermoforming from established brand manufacturers such as Covestro, Sabic or Röhm. All of our quality products can be ordered in sheets, by the metre or on rolls via our online shop. As an experienced supplier, we are happy to provide you with advice and support and place particular emphasis on service and a good price-performance ratio.

What is the thermoforming process?

Deep drawing belongs to the so-called thermoforming or forming processes (hot forming). Thermoforming is done in thermoforming machines, which are available in different sizes. The size of thermoformed plastic parts depends on the size of the moulding machine used and the required size of the plastic sheet. Thermoforming films are one of the materials used for the process. These are suitable for the production of housings and packaging up to individual pieces in the dental and laboratory sector.

Deep drawing technology - the production process

Presses are used to carry out the deep drawing process. The workpiece to be processed is clamped in a holding device and pressed into the desired shape. The technically correct expression of the process is: material is displaced by upsetting. During deep drawing, there is the possibility of cold forming as well as hot forming. Hot forming is used for plastic parts, as the workpiece would break during cold forming. Hot forming creates a certain flow that allows the plastic part to be drawn into the desired shape. The wall thickness of the part must be taken into account. If this is not done, cracks in the material might occur. 

In the thermoforming process, the material is first heated until it softens. In this way, the material is brought up to temperature from above and below at the same time. Modern thermoforming machines create an overpressure during the heating process to prevent the sheet from sagging. This production process ensures uniform softening and prevents uneven distribution of the material. Once it has reached the necessary core temperature, the sheet is pulled over the thermoforming tool by means of vacuum. The plastic sheet lays itself over the thermoforming mould and takes on the mould shape. Thermoformed parts therefore only form an exact contour on the mould side. The thermoformed part is then cooled down to the continuous use temperature. This makes the thermoplastic material dimensionally stable again.

An alternative is hydromechanical thermoforming. Instead of a punch, a water cushion acts on the workpiece from below. With this process, workpieces can be manufactured more precisely. The absolute drawing ratios are greater here than with the classic deep-drawing process. However, this deep-drawing process is not widely used because the construction of the system is more complicated and the system can produce less pressure.

Advantages of the deep-drawing process

With the classic thermoforming process, maintenance costs are practically zero. As long as the die and the punch do not show any wear, the machine works with great precision. A precisely programmed machine can easily run a twenty-four hour shift.  Therefore, the thermoforming process enables cost-effective production of large-area moulded parts.

Typical applications of thermoforming sheets

Thermoforming is an important process for processing technical films. It is mainly used in mass production, such as in the automotive industry or for packaging and housings. Furthermore, thermoforming sheets are used for the production of dental or laboratory supplies. In addition to mass production, the production of small series or individual pieces is also possible. Typical applications for thermoforming are: 

  • Production of die-cut foil parts.
  • Production of packaging.
  • Production of housing parts.
  • Rotational moulds for chocolate products.
  • Interior parts of vehicles.
  • Speedometer discs.
  • Production of prostheses and laboratory supplies.
  • Dental sector.

The use of a thermoforming sheet offers many advantages, especially for dental and laboratory supplies. With the help of the foil, high-precision pieces can be produced directly as required. In addition to thermoforming sheets, you can order many other quality products from leading manufacturers in our online shop.

If you have any further questions about the areas of application, our articles or other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. As a supplier of high-performance films, we have many years of experience and can support you with many concerns.

Which plastic film is suitable for thermoforming?

In theory, all thermoplastics can be processed with thermoforming machines. In practice, mainly standard plastics are used. The raw materials ABS, ASA, PMMA, PE, PP, PS, PC, PET (PET-G) and PVC offer good thermoforming properties. A decisive property for the selection of the plastic is that it can be heated well and does not melt during thermoforming. Only in this way can the shape be reproduced well and accurately. The choice of the right film depends on the required properties of the end product as well as the formability.

Our range of thermoforming foils

Can thin films also be thermoformed? As a supplier of technical films of all kinds, you will find numerous films for thermoforming in our product portfolio. Depending on the material, the plastic films are temperature resistant, weatherproof, UV stable or resistant to chemicals. We offer you versatile possibilities for your application. Feel free to contact us, thanks to our many years of experience in the field of plastic films, we can recommend the right product for your requirements. The most important film solutions for thermoforming are films made from the raw materials polycarbonate and PMMA with the following properties:

Thermoforming film made of polycarbonate film

PC films are particularly impact resistant and insensitive to mechanical influences. They have a high dielectric strength, are extremely temperature resistant (heat resistance) and insulating. Other advantages include the material's high dimensional stability and optical transparency. Our products can also be used in the electronics sector thanks to their excellent electrical, insulation and dielectric properties. Polycarbonate films have excellent printability.

A special advantage of polycarbonate films is their enormous temperature resistance, also called heat resistance. Due to a resistance of - 40 °C to 130 °C, they can be used for demanding applications worldwide. The manufacturers of PC films specify a continuous service temperature of 105 °C. This makes it possible to use them at short-term or permanently elevated temperatures for which other materials are not suitable.

Our plastic films are available in different colours. We carry branded products (Lexan and Makrofol) from the thermoforming sheet manufacturers Covestro and Sabic.

Deep-drawing film made of PMMA

PMMA film is extremely UV and weather resistant. Due to the addition of the plastic PBA as an impact modifier, the films are easy to cut and to process by laser. PMMA films can be easily formed and are constantly printable (screen, digital, gravure and flexo printing). This thermoforming film impresses with its transparency as well as its unique optical properties and transmission values.

Both film solutions can be ordered from us in rolls or directly cut to size. If you have any further questions about thermoforming or other concerns, we will be happy to advise you.

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In our online shop you will find a wide range of technical films for almost every application. You can choose from different materials, colours, surfaces, thicknesses and widths. 

We offer you our thermoforming materials as whole rolls, yard goods or directly in a right-angled cut in your desired format. You can choose the right article from our extensive range. 

As a specialist for technical film solutions, we offer you expert knowledge as well as samples for initial prototypes or tests. If you have any questions regarding processing, we will also be happy to assist you with our experience after your purchase. You are welcome to contact us at +49 202 3177119-40 or by e-mail at and buy thermoforming sheet via this channel.

We offer you exclusively high-quality brand products in various material thicknesses and surface treatments at a fair price for your application. For our high quality products we guarantee a stock in our warehouse in Wuppertal.

Should you require further information or processing instructions on our thermoforming material, we will be happy to send you product data sheets from our suppliers. If you need a film sample to check the durability or to carry out product tests or test prints, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can supply you with quality products from leading film manufacturers to meet the highest demands.