Bayfol® films with chemical resistance

with high dynamic strength, increased chemical resistance, good cold formability and high scratch resistance

Bayfol films - chemical resistant, impact resistant, printable and formable

Bayfol® CR is a high-quality extrusion film made from a polymer blend of polycarbonate (PC) and polyester. The film is produced by the German company Covestro, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech polymer materials. The company's products and solutions can be found in many areas of our modern lives. Innovation and sustainability drive the group to new developments - both in its products and in its manufacturing and plants. The different types of Bayfol® polycarbonate films each have different thicknesses and surfaces (from polished to textured). They can be cold- and hot-formed and excellently printed with standard inks and by screen or digital printing. The transparent and translucent films are known for their excellent graphic quality. 

König offers you Bayfol film made of PC/PBT in various thicknesses and surfaces from our warehouse in Wuppertal, Germany. On request, we can supply cut-to-size or roll material in the format you require.

Properties of Bayfol films from Covestro

This plastic film, which has been established for many years, is valued for its high and consistent quality. The PC-PBT film has excellent cold-forming properties, is suitable for high-pressure forming (HPF) processes and has established itself in film insert molding (FIM). Bayfol® CR is characterised by increased resistance to chemicals, dynamic strength and high flexibility. Bayfol also has a high mechanical and tear resistance. Bayfol® films can be printed in brilliant colours using screen printing and offset printing with commercially available inks suitable for polycarbonate. Covestro's special solutions are suitable, for example, for use as membrane switches or for membrane keypads.

Chemical resistance of Bayfol specialty films:

One of the particular strengths of Bayfol® films is their high chemical resistance. The advantage of Bayfol® CR film over a simple PC film is its greater resistance to chemicals, for example liquid disinfectants. This makes Bayfol materials particularly interesting for all applications where film surfaces come into contact with chemicals.

Use for film insert molding:

Film insert molding (FIM) enables one-step fabrication of plastic components with a decorated or functional surface. In this process, a plastic film, usually decorated by printing on the back, is shaped and trimmed before being placed in an injection mold and back-injected or over-molded with a thermoplastic resin. FIM therefore is ideal for creating complex components in a single step.

Printability of Bayfol film:

Bayfol films can be printed using various printing processes. The most common printing process used by our customers is screen printing and digital printing.

Due to the extensive product properties, Bayfol films are suitable for use in various application areas. These include nameplates, control panels, keypads and many more. Depending on the film type and design, the products' intended uses differ.

Our service:

As a specialist for technical films, we are happy to advise and support you. We will recommend the most suitable special film for your application. We can provide you with technical data sheets (Bayfol data sheet) and samples for prototyping or initial application tests.

We offer you the high-quality Bayfol™ polycarbonate films as rolls or cut to size in the format you require. Just let us know the format you require and we will be happy to cut your order for you. All stock products are available quickly and will be with you within a few days of receiving your order. Contact our team, we look forward to your enquiry.

Bayfol product range

We offer you special films from the manufacturer Covestro in thicknesses of 175 µm to 375 µm and with a maximum width of 1.140 mm, either cut to size or in rolls.

BAYFOL CR 1-4: colourless, transparent Surface structure: polished / fine matt
BAYFOL CR 6-2: colourless, surface structure: structured / very fine matt
Other surfaces, special dimensions or special requests are possible on request. If you need samples, special cuts or technical data sheets, please contact us.



  • excellent chemical resistance
  • good heat deflection temperature
  • high ductility and elasticity (also across a wide temperature range)
  • electrical insulation capability and good electrical characteristics
  • outstanding properties in cold- and hot-forming
  • excellent printability with standard colours (for example, in the screen and digital printing process)


Bayfol® films can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manfacturer Covestro we recommend the following ways of processing Bayfol® films:

  • printing
  • cutting
  • punching
  • laser cutting (with certain limits)
  • thermoforming
  • back injection moulding
  • bonding

For further information please contact us!


  • film keypads
  • membrane switches
  • name plates
  • front films
  • control elements

Product overview


175 µm to 375 µm

Roll widths
» 1.000 mm
» 1.140 mm


» different surface finishes

  BAYFOL CR 1-4   clear, polished / fine matt
  BAYFOL CR 6-2   clear, velvet / very fine matt