with outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal performance

Lexan films are extruded polycarbonate (PC) films from the leading international manufacturer Sabic IP. The material polycarbonate is a high quality plastic film / sheet that is characterised by an outstanding optical transparency and mechanical strength. Polycarbonate films have excellent mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties and can be used as product for various industrial, graphics, electronics and automotive applications.

The enormous temperature stability makes a polycarbonate film / sheet the ideal plastic for a usage of up to 130°C. Lexan film can also be printed well and consistently and are often used as self adhesive graphic film. We offer PC films with polished, matt, velvet matt or fine matt surface as well as different colours.

Properties of quality polycarbonate films from Sabic

Lexan films are made of the high performance material polycarbonate. They are therefore temperature-resistant, dimensionally stable, chemical resistant and scratch-resistant thanks to a special coating. This makes them ideal for various deployments. Lexan films are characterised by the following properties:

Impact strength / Impact resistance of Sabic Lexan products

The impact strength of a plastic film / sheet describes its ability to absorb impact energy and mechanical stress. Clear polycarbonate films from Sabic have an extreme impact resistance and therefore are much more resilient than another plastic film.

Temperature resistance

A special advantage of polycarbonate films is their enormous resistance to heat and temperatures. PC films and sheets can be used from - 40°C to 130°C. The manufacturer Sabic states a continuous use temperature of 105°C for the Lexan products. This makes Lexan films especially suitable for usage in the automotive industry or electronics.

Printability of polycarbonate films / polycarbonate sheet

Transparent and white polycarbonate films are ideally suitable for printing with various printing processes and technologies. The most common printing process used by our customers is screen printing and digital printing. The printability makes Lexan films ideal for the use as graphic products.

Furthermore, our products from Sabic provide a solution for the production of electrical insulation. They can be die-cut, printed, thermoformed and are highly resistant to heat and cold. All polycarbonate films come without adhesive (non-adhesive), but can be equipped with adhesive tapes or double-sided self-adhesive films.


Our product range of Lexan films:

Surface and thickness of Lexan polycarbonate films:

The choice of LEXAN™ films from the manufacturer Sabic is enormous and includes various colours (black and white) as well as a wide range of clear optical films. Surfaces range from clear polished to fine matt, velvet matt to silk matt. The transparent polished films have a protection film to protect the polished surface from scratches.

Polycarbonate film products are available in different thickness / strength between 125 µm and 1 mm (as polycarbonate sheet) depending on the type of film / sheet.

Depending on the usage (from electronics over graphics to automotive), a different surface or thickness is more suitable. The team from the König-Film Centre will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right surface and strength of a plastic film for your deployment. All polycarbonate film / sheet products from Sabic – if polished or matt - are available in rolls or rectangular polycarbonate sheet in the sheet size of your choice.

Flame retardant Lexan film for high performance industrial deployments:

In the Sabic product assortment you will also find various special films for industrial applications with low flammability when exposed to heat. There are many different fire protection classes and specifications worldwide. Internationally, however, the American standard UL 94 has prevailed. V0 is the highest flammability class of plastics according to the UL 94 standard. We offer a range of Lexan films with UL 94 V0 listing, consisting of the following products:

  • Lexan FR 60 clear, polished / polished – available also as polycarbonate sheet in 1 mm
  • Lexan FR 65 transparent, matt product
  • Lexan FR 700 black, fine matt product

We will be happy to provide you with samples of Sabic heat resistant material and advise you on the fire protection requirements for your project.

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate film from Sabic IP:

The Lexan graphic film / sheet range for performance applications also includes polycarbonate films with scratch resistance. These crystal clear polished and colourless polycarbonate films have a special coating. This gives the graphic film material a surface that is extremely scratch-resistant and has a strong chemical resistance against various cleaning agents. The appearance of the polycarbonate sheet does not change due to this invisible coating. These transparent quality films from Sabic are particularly suitable if they are exposed to mechanical stress or come into contact with aggressive cleaners or chemicals.


Our service:

As a specialist in technical film / sheet products for high performance, we will be happy to advise you and recommend the most suitable polycarbonate sheet or film from Sabic for your industrial, graphics, electronics or automotive applications. We can provide you with a technical data sheet or safety data sheet for every product / material. We will also be happy to send you samples of a polished or matt graphic film for the production of initial prototypes or other application tests.

You can buy clear / transparent Lexan™ quality films and every high performance polycarbonate sheet and other products from our warehouse in Wuppertal / Germany. We offer you very fast delivery times for every standard product (plastic film / sheet). We can provide high quality Lexan film rolls or a polycarbonate sheet in the format you need. Let us know the product and sheet format you require and we will be happy to cut your order for you. Contact the König Film Centre team, we look forward to your enquiry.


  • high impact resistance
  • heat-resistant up to approx. 130 °C
  • cold-resistant to approx. -40 °C
  • dimensionally stable
  • insulating
  • high dielectric strength
  • high transparency
  • excellent printability
  • very good electrical insulation and dielectric characteristics


Lexan™ films can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manfacturer Sabic we recommend the following ways of processing Lexan films:

  • printing
  • cutting
  • punching
  • laser cutting (with certain limits)
  • thermoforming
  • back injection moulding
  • bonding

For further information please contact us!


  • displays
  • nameplates
  • control elements
  • decorative and functional panels for appliances
  • front films
  • illuminated displays
  • electrical and electronics industry
  • insulating film
  • labels and signs

Product overview


75 µm to 1,0 mm

Roll widths
» 915 mm
» 1.220 mm

transparent, white and black

» polished on one side / both sides
» different matt textures

Products with special characteristics such as FDA grade, scratch resistant coating and UL 94-V0 listing are available.

  LEXAN®8010 MC-112    clear, polished / polished
  LEXAN®8040 MC-112   clear, polished / polished, with FDA
  LEXAN®8A13 E-112   clear, fine matt / polished
  LEXAN®8A13 E–WH   white, fine matt / polished
  LEXAN®8A35 D-112    clear, velvet / polished
  LEXAN®8A37 D-112    clear, brushed / polished
  LEXAN®8B28-82728   white opale, velvet / fine matt
  LEXAN®8B35 E-112   clear, velvet / very fine matt
  LEXAN®8B35 VE-112   clear, velvet / very fine matt, UL 94 V2
  LEXAN®8B36 D-112   clear, suede / matt
  LEXAN®DFS 1329-WH   light diffuser film, white opale
  LEXAN®FR60 MC-116   UL 94 V0, clear, polished / polished
  LEXAN®FR65 D-116    UL 94 V0, clear, velvet / very fine matt
  LEXAN®FR700 D-701   UL 94 V0, black
  LEXAN®HP92 S TY-112   scratch resistant, clear, polished / polished
  LEXAN®80330-112   sheets, clear, optical quality
  LEXAN®9030 TG-112   sheets, clear, polished / polished
  LEXAN®8B38-112   sheets, clear, velvet / fine matt