Films for electronic applications

our technical films for electrical and electronic applications

What are films for electronic applications?

Our technical films can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. One important area is electronic and electrical applications. These are applications in which the film is installed in electrical devices or circuits. Here it is mainly used for the transmission of electricity or as an insulating film.

This area of application is growing significantly and the thin and light films enable the development of particularly small, light, innovative and powerful components. Especially for modern controls and circuits, our technical film solutions thus offer many interesting advantages. To offer you the best quality, we work closely with leading manufacturers such as Sabic (Lexan films) and Covestro (Makrofol films).

Film solutions made of various plastics are suitable for use in the electrical industry:

  • Polyester (PET).
  • Polycarbonate.
  • PEI.
  • PBT-PC.

Thanks to our long experience as a specialist in technical and electrical films, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right material for your industrial project. For this purpose, we provide you with data sheets of our products and manufacturers (Sabic, Lexan, Makrofol), among others. We will be happy to send you samples to carry out tests or produce prototypes.

We offer our electrical foils as cut-to-size or roll material in various thicknesses and colours. If you need special cuts or shapes, please contact us, we are looking forward to your request!

Biaxially oriented polyester (PET) films.

Biaxially oriented PET films are characterised by their high resistance to high temperatures. They also have excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability as well as strong tear resistance and tensile strength. Polyester films have high transparency and are good electrical insulators due to their insulating properties. They have low moisture absorption (0.3%) and high dielectric strength up to 180 kV/mm. They thus offer good protection for a wide range of uses. With a print pre-treatment, most of our colourless transparent polyester films can be printed well and homogeneously.

Polycarbonate films for electrical applications.

Polycarbonate films have the great advantage of being highly stable against high temperatures and can withstand a continuous service temperature of 105 degrees Celsius. For short periods they can be used up to 160 degrees Celsius, but from 190 / 200 degrees Celsius they become thermo-elastic. Thanks to these properties, these temperature-resistant films are particularly suitable for the thermoforming process.

We offer transparent, white and black (opaque) polycarbonate film in various surfaces (polished, matt, fine matt, velvet matt) and thicknesses. Our product portfolio ranges from transparent to opaque products. This means that PC films cover an enormously wide range of applications and are regularly used in areas where reliable temperature resistance is important. As the only European distributor, we offer almost the entire range of the two leading brands Lexan and Makrofol.

PBT-PC films for high temperatures and chemical resistance.

A blend of the materials polycarbonate (PC) with polyester or PBT gives these products increased temperature resistance. In addition, these films have a high chemical resistance. This makes the white Valox FR 1 the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial and especially electronic applications.

PEI film for particularly high temperatures.

With the polyetherimide film Ultem from the manufacturer Sabic, we offer a high-performance film for applications up to 200 degrees Celsius. The transparent PEI film is characterised by an enormously low moisture absorption and a high heat resistance. The Ultem film has good dielectric properties and flame retardancy according to the leading international standard UL 94 V0). Polyetherimide (PEI) film products offer a wide range of uses in electrical engineering and electronics. These include insulation against high voltage, highly heat-resistant adhesive tapes or layer, protective and phase insulation.

Applications for electrical films.

Technical films can be used in numerous areas of the electrical industry. We would like to explain two particularly important areas in more detail:

Printed Electronics

In recent years, the printing of films with conductive ink has increased considerably. For this purpose, a specially developed conductive silver paste is used to print electrical circuits on foils. Printed electronics is a special process in which the application is built up additively. No foil is electrical without additional printing or coating. This printing is done in a screen printing process.

The so-called "printed electronics" process can be used to create particularly thin electronic components that are used for flexible displays and touch screens, as well as sensors. In this case, the foils serve as a base and are equipped with electrical components or conductor paths. This technology enables a wide range of uses, from sensors for the packaging industry to rapid tests for medical examinations.

Through printed electronics, technical films become functional solutions that are increasingly used for the construction of sensors, for example. High-quality and innovative touch screens and operating units can be developed from them. With different material thicknesses and plastics, you will find the right solution for your project.

Insulators for electronic components.

Another very important area of application for electrical films is their use as electrical insulating films / insulator films.

By choosing the right material, you will also find the right insulating film for your electronics project. The right solution can help to increase the efficiency of your machines.

The combination of excellent chemical, thermal and physical properties makes our technical films the ideal insulator. They are particularly suitable for electrical components such as regulators and controllers. They are characterised by a particularly high insulation strength and an enormous resistance to moisture and many solvents. In addition, some can be used at temperatures from -70 °C to 150 °C. Polyester films do not age under normal conditions and do not become brittle because they do not contain plasticisers.

Our range also includes films with UL 94 V0 listing, which is the leading international standard for fire protection. Your electronic components also comply with international standards, so they can be sold worldwide.

Our range of different colours allows you to design transparent / translucent or opaque / opaque (opaque) insulators. For this purpose, we offer a range of film solutions with varying degrees of transparency.

Technical films thus have the ideal properties for high-quality and innovative design possibilities in electrical engineering and electronics.

Are there differences in the processing of films?

Our film products can be processed in different ways depending on the material. No special accessories or tools are required for further processing. They can be cut, punched, lasered (polyester films) and glued. Most films can be reliably printed with various printing methods such as screen printing and have a high durability. Mounting and installation on different surfaces is possible without any problems. For further information or specific processing enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Service, cutting and delivery.

As a specialist for technical films, we supply you with quality products for electronic applications (electrical films) in the format you require. We offer rolls in different widths and lengths, but we can also produce rectangular cuts / formats for you from small quantities. Ask us for the format you need and we will make you a suitable offer. You can buy electric foil from us. For further information on our products, we offer you data sheets from our manufacturers such as Covestro and Sabic (Lexan film). We are also at your disposal for further questions regarding packaging, delivery and storage.

For further questions or customer requests regarding material selection, plastic films, formats and dimensions or our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us if you would like advice or a specific quotation. The team oft he König Film Centre is looking forward to receiving your enquiry!