Scratch protection film

our scratch-resistant films for special requirements

Scratch protection film

As a specialist for technical films, the König Film Centre is one of Europe's leading suppliers for over 10 years. Our product range includes high-performance films made of polycarbonate, PMMA and polyester as well as numerous special films.

An important part of our product range are special films with special properties. These include particularly resistant films for ideal scratch protection. Such films are protected against mechanical effects by a special surface treatment and are also extremely resistant to chemicals and other cleaning agents. A coating makes the surface of the film resistant to scratches and correspondingly anti-abrasive. The appearance and surface of the film does not change due to this invisible coating. In many areas, the scratch resistance of surfaces plays a decisive role. Here, our scratch-resistant high-performance film is an optimal solution for long lasting applications.

What material are scratch protection films made of?

Scratch protection films get their special properties from a coating that is applied to the film. This coating is as clear as glass and invisible to the observer.

In principle, all types of film can be provided with such a coating and thus made scratch-resistant. Another advantage of this coating is that the plastic film underneath is also resistant to chemicals and can be cleaned even with aggressive cleaning agents. 

In our standard range, we carry a polycarbonate film with scratch protection. This film, called Lexan HP 92 S, has all the advantages of a normal polycarbonate film plus an enormously high scratch resistance. The other side of the film is - like all conventional polycarbonate films - untreated and therefore ideal for printing. Both sides are protected by a protective film during transport and processing.

This film impresses with its optical properties and is almost invisible when viewed through. This makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial and graphic applications.

Properties of scratch-resistant films

Scratch-resistant high-performance polycarbonate films combine the advantages of classic polycarbonate films with a distinct scratch protection. Finished parts made of such a film are therefore not only scratch-resistant, but also particularly durable and long-lasting. 

In addition, scratch protection films made of polycarbonate have the following properties:

  • High optical transparency. 
  • Mechanical strength and impact resistance.
  • Resistance to temperatures from - 40 °C to 130 °C (continuous use temperature of 105 °C).
  • High resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Good dielectric and insulating properties.

The scratch-resistant special films have a polished, high-gloss surface with a protective film on both sides. This protects the high-quality film from scratches during transport, installation and processing.

You can order transparent, scratch-resistant films from us in rolls or directly cut to size into sheets. In our assortment we have different thicknesses of transparent anti-scratch films, the roll width is 1220 mm. 

Applications of anti-scratch films

Anti-scratch films are particularly suitable for all applications and areas of use where the films are exposed to greater mechanical stress. Scratch-resistant films are also ideal for applications where the material regularly comes into contact with aggressive cleaners or chemicals. Another aspect is the higher durability, which is important for some applications. This makes the scratch-resistant film solution suitable for many areas.

Examples of possible applications for scratch-resistant films include:

  • Flat membrane switches
  • Display windows of audio/video
  • Front films, which are often cleaned with cleaning agents
  • Interior parts in cars.

Other conceivable uses would be as a protective film against vandalism or as additional protection against damage to glass and windows. For easy installation, the scratch protection film should be self-adhesive. Protection against damage caused by graffiti would also be conceivable, as the film solutions are resistant to chemicals and can therefore also be cleaned with strong cleaners. It is best to test the material compatibility on a non-visible area before cleaning to avoid visible damage. In addition, scratch-resistant high-performance films offer protection against destruction or vandalism, especially for glass panes. Note: Before installing the scratch protection film, test on an invisible spot whether it can be removed without leaving any residue. Especially on glass panes, any residues of the adhesive are always unsightly to look at after removal.

Processing of scratch protection films

Our films with increased scratch resistance are characterised by a good and consistent printability. They are also excellent for die-cutting, cutting and embossing. Self-adhesive films can be used to make scratch protection films self-adhesive. 

The coating on the anti-scratch film provides increased scratch resistance. However, in contrast to classic polycarbonate films, this means that they cannot be deformed three-dimensionally, but only two-dimensionally. This must be taken into account when applying and selecting products.

No special accessories or tools are required for processing our scratch protection films.

Note, when processing, please only remove as much of the protective film as is necessary for the processing operation. Otherwise you could damage the back of the anti-scratch film, which is not resistant to scratches.


We offer the scratch resistant film Lexan HP 92 S from the manufacturer Sabic ® in different thicknesses. The thicknesses range from 175 µm to 750 µm. As standard, we stock all technical films in rolls. The roll length differs depending on the thickness. 

We will be happy to cut the rolls to size for you in rectangular sheets in the desired format. Just tell us the format you need and we will make you an offer at an attractive price. Contact us and we will prepare a suitable offer for you. You can buy scratch protection film from us.

We will be happy to advise you during the initiation and planning of your project and send you data sheets, safety data sheets and samples for the construction of initial prototypes. 

We deliver all stock products within a few working days. For delivery, the material is professionally and securely packed.