Technical films

By technical films we mean high-quality, extruded, thin films with a thickness of up to 1 mm. They are designed for special markets and areas of application and have special properties. These include high stability for temperatures, mechanical loads, UV effects or contact with chemicals.

The König Film Centre offers you technical films made of the following materials:

  • Polycarbonat films® (Lexan ® and Makrofol ®).
  • PMMAfilms ® (Plexiglas®)
  • Polyester (PET)films ® (Melinex®, Reflex® and Mylar®).
  • PEI films (Ultem ®)
  • PBT films (Valox ® and Bayfol ®).

Based on our extensive experience as a supplier of technical films, we will be happy to recommend the most suitable product for your application. We would be pleased to support you with our know-how from the initiation of your project to the subsequent series production. Should you require technical data sheets and safety data sheets from the various manufacturers for the specific products, we will be happy to provide you with these. We can also send you samples for the construction of initial prototypes or first tests.

We can supply you with technical films as rolls in various widths or in rectangular sheets, starting from small quantities. Just let us know the format you need and we will be happy to cut your order for you.

Characteristics of technical films

Technical films have different properties depending on the material. Here is an overview of the materials that you can purchase from the König Film Centre:

Polycarbonate films

Polycarbonate (PC) films are a central part of our range. They are highly impact resistant and have an excellent printability. Further plus points are a high dielectric strength, their temperature resistance, high dimensional stability and optical transparency. Thanks to a protective film, polished - and thus very sensitive - surfaces are protected before and during processing. We offer the products of the leading brands Lexan and Makrofol. Our PC film range contains besides a huge range of clear, white and black films many special grades such as UL 94 V0 listed PC films. Other examples are light diffusor films, scratch resistant films, reflector films or chemically resistant films.

PMMA films

PMMA films of the Plexiglas brand are UV and weather resistant. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications with a long durability. Plexiglas films impress with their special light transmission properties as well as their absolute transparency and colourlessness. Another advantage is that it can be cut easily on laser cutters.

Polyester films

Biaxially oriented polyester films (BO-PET) are characterised by a strong resistance to high temperatures. They also have good tensile strength, an excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability and excellent transparency. PET films are a good electrical insulator, show low moisture absorption (0.3%) and high dielectric strength.

High performance films

By this we mean various innovative films with special properties such as:

  • Scratch resistance.
  • Resistance to chemicals.
  • High UV stability.
  • Particularly high temperature stability.

Sustainable films

In today's world, sustainable, more ecological films are in great demand. The König Film Centre  is currently developing a range of sustainable, bio-based films. Less fossil raw materials are required for production, so that the use of these films results in a lower CO2 footprint.


Depending on the material, technical films can be processed in different ways.

Many films are characterised by their good and constant printability. Besides being printable, technical films can be cut, punched, lasered (PMMA films) and glued. Some films are suitable for deep drawing and back injection. You can also buy films from us that can be used for the film insert moulding process (FIM) and high pressure forming (HPF).


As specialist for technical films we help you in finding the right products. Whether packaging, insulation or thermal protection film. All our plastic products are easy to process and are suitable for diverse areas of application such as:

  • Industrial mould and stampings
  • Thermal insulators.
  • Front panels.
  • Membrane keypads.
  • Membrane switches.
  • Keypads.
  • Packagings.
  • Control panels.
  • Type plates for machines.
  • Decorative and functional appliance panels.
  • Interior parts for automobiles.
  • Lighting and diffusor applications
  • Insulation of power supply units, PC cards or batteries.
  • Durable labels.
  • Printed circuit boards.
  • Medical packaging and applications (FDA).
  • Food contact applications (FDA).
  • Greenhouses and accelerated plant growth.

Our product range

As a supplier of technical films, we have an extensive range of films in various thicknesses. We offer products with different surface structures and colours and help you to find the best film solution for you.

Films for every requirement

Thanks to our extensive range, we can recommend products for almost any requirement. Special applications can also be implemented. If you are unsure whether our products meet your requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Polycarbonate films - excellent mechanical strength and good temperature stability.

PMMA films - UV and weather resistance and good laserability.

Polyester (PET) films - excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability.

PEI films - with excellent heat resistance.

PBT films - good resistance to temperatures and chemicals.

Thicknesses, colours and surface textures

We offer our film products in thicknesses from 75 µm to 1 mm. Depending on the application, we recommend the right thickness in matt or glossy. Technical films are offered in clear, white translucent and opaque as well as black.

There is also a large selection in terms of surface structure. We offer our products polished on one or both sides, as well as with different textures. These have a variety of structures and range from fine matt to noble silk matt, from brushed to a sand grain structure.

If you have any further questions about the choice of material, type of plastic, film solutions or possible roll sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to call us if you need advice or further information on our offers, such as our cutting service. The team of the König Film Centre is looking forward to your call.