Makrofol® films - high quality polycarbonate films

Polycarbonate films from Covestro for numerous industrial applications

The well known Makrofol films are produced by the German manufacturer Covestro. Makrofol products are manufactured from polycarbonate (PC) in an extrusion process. Polycarbonate is a material with excellent mechanical strength and optical transparency. Makrofol films have outstanding thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical properties. Its high temperature stability makes Makrofol films suitable for applications up to 130°C. The extrusion films can therefore be used in various industrial areas such as the automotive industry. We offer a wide range of Makrofol films with different surfaces from polished to matt and velvet matt to fine matt. Matt and textured Makrofol films are more scratch resistant and therefore more suitable for certain usages.

Characteristics of Makrofol films and sheets from Covestro

High performance Makrofol films from Covestro are made of polycarbonate. This makes these products particularly dimensionally stable, impact resistant and temperature resistant. Makrofol plastic films are characterised by the following properties:

Impact resistance of high quality Makrofol Films

The impact strength of a material defines its ability to absorb mechanical stress. Makrofol plastic films of the producer Covestro products are particularly impact resistant and much more resilient than many other products. The impact strength toughness makes Makrofol an ideal solution for various industrial applications with an excellent durability and impact resistance.

Heat resistance

Makrofol films have the advantage of a high temperature resistance (heat deflection temperature). Polycarbonate films of the Makrofol brand can be used in a temperature range from - 40°C to 130°C. The manufacturer Covestro specifies a continuous service temperature of 105°C for the Makrofol film products in rolls or as sheet.


Makrofol polycarbonate films are well printable using a wide variety of printing processes. The most common printing process used by our customers is screen printing and digital printing.

Main features of Makrofol films and sheets

The basic properties of the material polycarbonate make our Makrofol films / sheets a versatile product which is suitable for various usages.

  • great mechanical strength and durability
  • resistant to temperatures (temperature range from – 40 to + 130 °C)
  • well printable material
  • great dimensional stability
  • good thermoformability
  • Ideal for insulating in electronics or electrical material
  • excellent dielectric strength
  • excellent tear resistance
  • great transparency
  • homogeneous light diffusion
  • excellent electrical insulation and dielectric properties

Areas of application

Makrofol films and sheets from Covestro are used in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications. Possible examples of Makrofol products are:

  • Membrane keypads and switches
  • Automotive
  • Type plates with long durability
  • LED lights
  • Front panels
  • Keypads
  • Displays
  • Die-cut parts / products
  • Control panels.
  • Insulating parts
  • Moulded parts

If you have any further questions about the high performance Makrofol film materials, our experienced team will be happy to advise you.

Our range of Makrofol films

We offer printable Makrofol™ products from the manufacturer Covestro in various designs (surfaces, colours and thickness) as roll or as cut-to-size sheet. in addition to Covestro films, we offer you a wide range of other products from various manufacturers. In addition to Makrofol films, our range also includes films and sheets made of materials like polyester, PMMA, PBT-PC or PEI.

Surface and thickness of Makrofol films

The range of Makrofol™ DE films is extensive and includes materials with surfaces from polished to matt (fine matt, velvet matt, silk matt) as well as various colours. Matt films are less scratch sensitive compared to polished films. The glossy films have a protection film on the surface to make the surface more resistant against a scratch. Depending on the application, a different surface is recommended. We will be happy to advise you which material is the best solution for your usage.

We offer Makrofol films in a thickness between 0,125 mm and a thickness of 0,5 mm as rolls or as a rectangular sheets in the size that you need. Just tell us the required sheet size, thickness and surface that you need and we will propose the right product.

Light management films

A speciality in Covestro's product range are the light management films (Makrofol LM films, formerly Makrofol BL film). These high performance polycarbonate films consist of diffusor films / light scattering films, reflection films and light directing films.

Diffuser film for light applications with LED:

Makrofol light diffuser films of Covestro are specially designed for innovative LED lighting applications. The translucent diffusion films offer improved light diffusion and light transmission while providing energy savings. LEDs offer modern, practical and sustainable solutions for lighting in a wide range of applications. On the other hand, they are also challenging when it comes to glare, hotspots and light uniformity. Translucent Makrofol polycarbonate films are designed to optimise LED lighting and offer a high degree freedom in design. These high-performance film products enable a range of diffusion levels, high impact resistance and excellent temperature resistance for optimised LED lighting. Makrofol light management films are often used in the automotive industry.

Our service

As a specialist in technical films, we will be happy to advise you and recommend the most suitable special film for your area of application. We can provide you a technical data sheet or safety data sheet from Covestro as well as samples for tests or the production of prototypes. We offer you the high quality Makrofol™ polycarbonate films as sheet material or rolls quickly and in the sheet size you require. You can buy Makrofol film from us in rolls or in the sheet size you require. Just let us know the sheet size and thickness you require and we will be happy to cut the required film for you. Contact our team, we look forward to your enquiry for our products and materials.


  • high impact resistance
  • heat-resistant up to approx. 130 °C
  • cold-resistant to approx. -40 °C
  • dimensionally stable
  • insulating
  • high dielectric strength
  • high transparency
  • excellent printability
  • very good electrical insulation and dielectric characteristics


Makrofol® films can be processed in various ways. Considering the guidelines of the manfacturer Covestro we recommend the following ways of processing Makrofol® films:

  • printing
  • cutting
  • punching
  • laser cutting (with certain limits)
  • thermoforming
  • back injection moulding
  • bonding

For further information please contact us!


  • displays
  • nameplates
  • control elements
  • decorative and functional panels for appliances
  • front films
  • illuminated displays
  • electrical and electronics industry
  • insulating film
  • labels and signs

Product overview


75 µm to 1,0 mm

Roll widths
» 1.000 mm
» 1.200 mm

further thicknesses are available on demand.

transparent, white opale and opaque

» polished on one side / both sides
» different matt textures

  Makrofol DE 1-1 000000   clear, polished / polished
  Makrofol DE 1-4 000000   clear, fine matt / polished
  Makrofol DE 1-4 C 000000   clear, fine matt / polished
  Makrofol DE 1-4 010181   white, fine matt / polished
  Makrofol DE 1-4 011267   white, fine matt / polished
  Makrofol DE 6-2 000000   clear, velvet / very fine matt
  Makrofol FR 7-2 000000   UL 94 V0, clear, velvet / very fine matt
  Makrofol LM 309 2-4 160004   light diffusor film, white opale
  Makrofol LM 905 2-4 160009   light diffusor film, white opale
  Makrofol LM 228 2-4 160005   light diffusor film, white opale
  Makrofol LM 322 2-4 160006   light diffusor film, white opale
  Makrofol LM 243 2-4 160020   light diffusor film, white opale
  Makrofol LM 903 1-4 160008   light reflection film, white opaque
  Makrofol LM 297 H-M 040007   light shaping film
  Makrolon GP 099   sheet, clear, polished / polished