Technical films in sheets

Technical films in sheets

Technical films are usually thin plastic materials up to a thickness of 500 µm that are produced as rolls. Materials in higher thicknesses from 1 mm are known as sheet materials or semi-finished products and are available in specified format sizes.

The range between 500 µm and 1 mm thickness is a borderline area between films and sheet materials. In this range, König Film Centre offers you technical films in sheets in various thicknesses, colours and surface structures made of the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate films of the brand Lexan (from the manufacturer Sabic ®)
  • PMMA films of the brand Plexiglas ® (from the manufacturer Röhm ®).

Thanks to our extensive know-how as a specialist in technical films, we are happy to recommend the most suitable product for your application. We advise you during the initiation and planning phase of your project up to series production. For initial tests or the production of prototypes, we will gladly send you samples in the desired size. For later orders, we will deliver the product to you in rectangular sheets. Please let us know the format you require and we will be happy to cut your order for you.

Properties of films in sheet format

Our technical films in sheet format are characterised by the following properties:

Polycarbonate films

König Film Centre offers you polycarbonate films in sheet format of the brand Lexan from the manufacturer Sabic. These films are available in the thicknesses of 750 µm and 1 mm and have a format of 2.050 x 1.250 mm.

Polycarbonate sheets offer the advantages of high impact resistance / impact strength. The impact strength includes the ability of a material to absorb impact energy and mechanical stress. Polycarbonate films are more impact resistant and resilient than many other plastic materials.

Lexan polycarbonate films have a high temperature resistance from - 40 °C to 130 °C. The manufacturers of polycarbonate films confirm a continuous service temperature of 105 °C. In the short term, these films can also withstand higher temperatures.  

PMMA films

Plexiglas sheets from the manufacturer Röhm are made of the high-quality plastic PMMA. We also offer thin sheets of this material in thicknesses of 500 µm and 1 mm.

Plexiglas films have the great advantage of an increased UV stability. Therefore, PMMA films are ideal for outdoor applications. In addition, PMMA films can be cut excellently with a laser into desired contours.


Both polycarbonate films and PMMA films are characterised by their consistent and good printability. Furthermore, the films can be cut, punched, embossed and glued. They are well suited for thermoforming and back injection. Thermoforming is a common way of drawing materials into three-dimensional shapes using vacuum.

They can be cut, sawn, drilled, milled and bent with standard tools and accessories without risk of breakage.

We supply polycarbonate films that are ideal for the Film Insert Moulding Process (FIM) and High Pressure Forming (HPF). Cold and hot formability is also guaranteed.

A particular advantage of Plexiglas films made of PMMA is that they can be easily and precisely cut into the finest contours and shapes with a laser.

Possible applications

The colourless and crystal-clear polished films are characterised by an enormously high light transmission. Compared to thinner films in rolls, the material is produced in sheets and therefore guarantees absolute flatness.

The advantage of thin sheets in 500 µm to 1 mm is flexibility and formability combined with increased resilience and robustness. The extremely impact-resistant material is valued as a safe solution for applications in enclosed spaces for protective glazing and machine covers. The highly transparent sheets have a high optical quality and are therefore even used in the automotive sector. Crystal clear sheets can also be used as secondary glazing behind existing glazing to counteract glass breakage and burglary. The sheets can be easily thermoformed into complicated geometries while maintaining their excellent properties in various applications. The sheets can also be decorated using a variety of modern techniques, such as lacquering or screen printing.

The white coloured polycarbonate and PMMA films are ideal for lighting applications. These films diffuse light thanks to special scattering pigments and can be ideally combined with LED lamps where the light source should not be visible.


Our product range of sheets

As a supplier of technical films, we offer various films in sheet form.

Categories of our products

✓ Glass-clear glossy films made of polycarbonate - highly transparent and resilient.

✓ Glass-clear glossy films made of PMMA - highly transparent, UV stable and laserable.

✓ Matt polycarbonate films - avoids reflections.

✓ White polycarbonate films - temperature-stable and opaque.

✓ White films made of PMMA - the ideal solution for high-quality lighting applications.


Colours, surfaces and thicknesses

We offer films in sheet form in various surface structures and thicknesses:


  • Clear glossy:             in 750 µm and 1 mm
  • Clear matt: in 750 µm and 1 mm
  • White translucent: in 750 µm


  • Clear glossy:                         in 1 mm
  • White translucent: in 500 µm and 1 mm.

All clear glossy films are laminated with a protective film on both sides to protect them from scratches before or during processing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on technical films, plastics, cut-to-size sheets or our range of products and services. The König Film Centre is your contact for all questions regarding technical films!