Conductive films

films for printed electronics

Conductive films and electrical conductivity.

The use of electrically conductive film is becoming increasingly important. This involves applications in which the conductive film is installed in electronic devices or circuits. Here it is mainly used for the conduction and distribution of electricity. 

Our technical films made of polycarbonate, PMMA, polyester and other plastics are not conductive as such. They can therefore not be used as conductive films without additional processing / treatment.

As a long-standing supplier of high-performance films, we have an alternative to conductive films. Some of our film products are ideal as substrates for printed conductors and printed electronics.

Printed Electronics

Whether in sensors or smart patches, wearables, modern control panels, and smart packaging, printed electronics have become an integral part of everyday life. They have the potential to revolutionize the way we produce and use electronic devices, making them more accessible.

The term "printed electronics" refers to electronic components that are manufactured using a printing process and conductive ink or paste. This technology is ideal for flexible materials (substrates) such as technical films. Printing conductive inks onto films has increased considerably in the electronics sector. For this purpose, a specially developed conductive silver paste is used to print circuits. This printing is usually done by screen printing. The additional printing or coating creates conductivity on the film. 

The so-called "printed electronics" process can be used to create particularly thin electronic components. In this case, the high-performance films serve as a base and are equipped with electrical components or conductive tracks. This technology enables a wide range of applications. From touch screens and operating elements to protective sensors for the packaging industry and rapid tests for medical examinations. Printed electronic parts offer numerous advantages over traditional product designs, as components are lighter, more flexible and less expensive. Whether used in touchscreens and displays, wearables or solar cells - the application possibilities are vast.

Through printed electronics, technical films become functional solutions that are increasingly used, for example, for the construction of complex components such as sensors. High-quality and innovative touch screens and operating units can be developed from them. With different material thicknesses and plastics, you will find the right high-performance film for your project.

Applications of printed electronics:

New and innovative applications for printed electronics parts are constantly emerging. Examples of the use of this innovative technology include flexible displays and much more. Among them applications in the production of:

  • Screens.
  • Touch screens.
  • Control panels.
  • Sensors.
  • Chips and storage media.
  • Wearables. 
  • Circuit boards.
  • Solar cells. 
  • Semiconductors.
  • Various die-cutting parts for Printed Electronics

Printed electronics applications are suitable for a wide range of industries. They are successfully used for smart buildings, in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, in retail and logistics as well as in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. They offer a high-quality and more cost-effective alternative to the conventional manufacturing of products in the electronics sector and industry.

Advantages of printed electronics:

Compared to classic silicon electronics, conductive ones offer various advantages:

  • Thin and light: size and weight play a crucial role in the electrical industry. The thickness of printed electronics components is in the nano to micrometre range with minimal weight. 
  • Flexible and stretchable: printed electronics can be printed on flexible films and adapt to the substrate.
  • Robust: printed structures are extremely robust due to their flexible properties.
  • Any format: printed electronics can be printed on large areas. There are theoretically no limits to the shape and size. 
  • Cheap & fast: printed electronics require fewer individual steps in production and also fewer resources.
  • Recyclable: Electronics printed with plastic-based pastes and inks on plastic film can be recycled.

For more information, please contact us. As an experienced supplier of special films, we look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you.

Technical films for printed electronics.

Theoretically, any film and any material can be used for this application. As a long-standing film supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial films in various surfaces and thicknesses to meet the highest demands. 

In practice, however, biaxially oriented high-performance films made of polyester (PET) are mainly used for printed electronic components such as touch screens. These products have the right characteristics and are offered at very competitive prices. 

Biaxially oriented polyester (PET) films.

Biaxially oriented polyester films are characterised by a high resistance to temperatures. They also have a good tensile strength and tear resistance, excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal stability and excellent transparency. They are a good electrical insulator, show low moisture absorption (0.3%) and high dielectric strength up to 180 kV/mm. Most of our polyester films can be printed well and homogeneously by means of a printing pre-treatment. PET film products convince with their versatile properties. Among other things, they are suitable for die-cut parts and can be equipped with self-adhesive properties.

Compared to polycarbonate films or PMMA films, a PET film has an excellent price-performance ratio. This makes it the preferred film substrate for printed electronics.

Our range of PET films for the electrical industry.

As a film supplier, we keep a large range in stock. This includes the following PET film types:

✓ Uncoated - crystal clear, transparent and stable.

✓ Printable - printable due to special coating.

✓ Thermostabilised - film solutions with lower shrinkage.

✓ Scratch-resistant - scratch-resistant surface and enormously resilient.

✓ White - opaque - films with high opacity.

As a long-standing supplier of high-performance films of all kinds, we attach particular importance to high-quality film solutions. Therefore, we work together with established and leading manufacturers throughout Europe and offer you films of the following brands, among others:

  • Melinex 
  • Mylar 
  • Folex 
  • Reflex
  • Lumirror

Service, converting and delivery.

As a wholesaler, we can supply you with electrically conductive films as rolls in different lengths and widths or in rectangular sheets / formats, starting from small quantities. You can buy polyester films in different thicknesses and surface structures / colours from us. Please ask us for the required format and we will provide you with an attractive offer. We are also at your disposal for further questions regarding storage, packaging and delivery. You can order our products online.

For further questions or customer requests regarding material selection, formats and dimensions or our company, we are always at your disposal. Please contact us if you would like advice, solutions or a concrete offer. The team of the König Film Centre is looking forward to your enquiry!